Dogging or Modeling

Dogging actually derives from the term ‘walking the dog’. It is a pastime that has evolved from blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples.

The ‘sport’ has now become much more organized and seedy – with regular meeting places, and more or less a free-for-all spirit. This year the newly created Ultimate Dogging Championships was held at Rivington nr Chorley, Lancs. Their were many disciplines including 10 Man Train, Pearly Rain, and Most Extreme Slapper. The TV rights to next year’s event are currently in negotiation with a Dutch Satellite TV station.
“I’m just taking the dog out for a walk love”
“Okay, don’t be 5 hours this time, and try not to get so muddy”

Having sex with more than one person in a public place, often with at least one stranger, and usually with others watching. (Hence a more or less spontaneous meeting point between “exhibitionists” and “voyeurs”.) Good for spreading the DNA around. The word comes from the idea of dogs “doing it” in the open air with whoever else they happen to bump into. Also includes the sense of dogs wandering around in groups in search of something interesting to sniff ….


Russian Roulette
A sexual act involving 7 people. One person stands blindfold and pants-less while the other 6 form a circle around with their bare asses facing inwards while bending over, grabbing their ankles. The person in the middle spins around and then thrusts, trying to penetrate one of the six asses. If the thruster is a woman a strap on is required.
I lost last night and got ass fucked playing russian roulette. Next time I want to be the bullet.

A dangerous and deadly game in which a revolver or six shooter has one ( or more) bullets put into the chamber. The chamber is then spun around and snapped into position, leaving no idea as to the bullet’s exact position. Two or more men then take turns putting the gun to their head and pulling the trigger, hoping it falls on an empty chamber. Others will commonly bet on this sort of game. Russian roulette may also appear in the form of a similar game in which many glasses full of some substance are placed down. All but one are filled with water or alcohol or something, the last containing deadly poison. Men take turns choosing and picking glasses to drink until one dies. (I think this is also called russian roulette)

Facing your fears is not always a performance akin to a Darwin Awards contest. Actually, knowing to live, learning to live, is all about staying alive, which embraces being healthy. But living on a leash is not quite a desirable dream.

There is an ocean of excitement between the desolation of a boring existence and the edge of insanity. Only a few decades ago, you had to climb the Everest, or play a muddy game, or join the military, in order to satiate your adrenaline spikes. Each of these endeavors imply a certain, calculated, risk and none of them plunge into hazards brought in by dogging and Russian roulette (played with a dick, dildo or revolver).

Characterized by generosity, a woman wants to share: a recipe or a chatter, a meal or an umbrella, a favor or a hand. Sharing is what makes for most of a woman’s charms.

Driven by atavistic desires, a man wants to hit: throwing a stone or flinging an arrow, shooting a bullet or launching a missile, spritzing his semen or pounding his best buddy against holes around. Hitting is what makes for most of the death culture. The angry man kills his own brother with a hit.

Unlike culture, art is more about charming than hitting, more like assembling than dividing, more of a make than a break.

A dream is the place where one’s mind wants one’s body to go. Or another’s body. Or any body. Art is what makes dreams happen. Imagination is a house of butterflies. Emotion, like a magnet, hurries or delays hues and colors, notes and tones, blacks and whites. Art is a delight, not a hit. Art is aggressivity without violence. Art conquers only new territory as the old possessions may stay where they were. Art is never taking but always giving. One said that if man could build an engine to burn art as a fuel, its output would solve the energy crisis once and for all. And we’ll have enough left to take us to the stars.

Fighting her fears, a woman wants to share. Collecting his courage, a man wants to capture. Painters of talent and photographers of fortune. Fine art augments reality.

À propos reality: there will be a time when holograms will take dogging -and whatever kind of Russian roulette- to the next level. The huge difference?

Primitive carnal dogging behind the bushes of the shire conveys actual DNA while virtual holo-dogging keeps the gamer safe (at least physically). Besides, a Russian rouletter may enjoy the privilege of ‘living’ throughout enough unfortunate ‘deaths’ before acquiring a better taste for life.

And no, even if free for all, art is not for everybody, because some have nothing to ask, nothing to learn, nothing to show, nothing to praise, not even themselves. Nothingness has only one way to turn visible: by taking the others away. Like black holes, those singularities of oblivion amassing enough light to make galaxies spin around.

Around what, exactly?


2 thoughts on “Dogging or Modeling

  1. This is one of your best essays. I thought it was very informative. In all honesty, I would not mind trying this game of ‘dogging’, but do not know if I will get the opportunity. Hope you have a wonderful.

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