The Gorgeous Gardener

I’ve got mail. Lovely mail!

Hi Doris,

Here is the story I wrote for you. I’ve written quite a bit of erotica of a humorous variety. Mostly a bit more imaginative or witty than this, but I just wanted to let you know the kind of fantasies I have about you after looking at your photos and videos.

The Gorgeous Gardener Who Caused More Than Vegetables to Grow

If I’d known about the view, I would have been willing to pay twice as much for my two storey home. It wasn’t until a week after I moved in that I discovered that I had a neighbour who thought she was Eve and that her back garden was Eden.

The first time I saw you, you were using a sledgehammer, wearing only a pair of sand shoes and a light grey singlet. I heard the thump of the hammer against hard soil and I looked over the fence to see what was going on.


At first I was transfixed by the sight of your bare bottom – the way it moved as you swung the hammer to break up the hard ground. It moved in a way which told me that it would be so enticingly soft and yielding to the touch. As you bent down your cheeks parted to flash a quick glimpse of your butt-hole. And there was a quick flash of your pussy lips.

To see you in this vulnerable position caused my cock to swell warmly.

I was afraid you would turn around and catch me peeking at you though. I was torn between lust and anxiety. Eventually anxiety won out and I withdrew.

I knew I could see you from my upstairs bedroom window. The view wouldn’t be as good, but it would be safer.

Over the next few weeks I saw you gardening naked many times. I even saw you sitting back and masturbating in your garden. And once I watched your husband and you make love on the garden swing.

Do you like my garden? I do.

Do you like my garden? I do.

I assumed, it appears wrongly, that you couldn’t see me through my window. Not that I was doing any more than watching. I just stored up the images of you for my “spank bank”. Later, when I was in bed, I’d remember how sexy you had looked. I would imagine making love to you as your husband did. And I would stroke my stiff cock, transported to an erotic fantasy land by my nudist neighbour.

Perhaps it was inevitable that I would grow bold in my ignorance about the two-way transparency of my bedroom window.

One day, as I watched you squatting in the tulip beds with your soft pale thighs spread wide and your hairy pussy on display (not that I could see much from this distance), I couldn’t resist undoing my belt and unzipping my pants. I pulled out my stiff dick and began to stroke it.


Then, suddenly, I noticed something which horrified me.

“Oh, God!” I cried, practically doing myself a nasty injury in shoving my engorged penis back into my pants and zipping them up.

You were looking right at me. Not only that. You were smiling and making a “come here” motion with your hand.

Was that smile a friendly one, or the smile of a woman who is about to enjoy humiliating a pervert?

I could have just ignored you, but ultimately you were too irresistible. Even being told off by you would be exciting.

I walked out into the back yard and up to the fence.

“Have you still got your cock out?” you smiled, teasingly.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t realize you could see me.”

“Oh, so it would be O.K. for you to get pleasure from watching me, as long as I didn’t know about it?” you queried.

I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mind. I put nude photos and videos of myself on the internet. Thousands of guys jack off while looking at me… At least I hope they do. It does my ego the world of good. But what’s even more exciting is seeing the effect I have with my own eyes. So why don’t you come over for a visit. Just come in through the side gate. It’s unlocked,” you instructed.

“O.K.,” I agreed, eagerly.

“There is only one condition,” you added. “This is a nudist garden. For visitors, clothes aren’t optional. They are forbidden. Leave them by the gate.”

I was embarrassed but excited.

“Doesn’t that feel more comfortable,” you smiled warmly as you looked me up and down.

Being in your garden was certainly better than looking at you from my bedroom window. Your sparkling eyes looked into mine. I could see every detail of your beautiful smiling face. I could smell your enticing fragrance. And, as my eyes, lowered I could see every detail of your naked body – your soft breasts with their prominent nipples, the curve of your hips, your bellybutton, and your luxuriantly hairy pussy, with its lips just peaking through.


Of course my cock was soon so stiff that it ached.

“I think you like me,” you giggled, staring right at it.

“You are very sexy,” I admitted.

“Well, I’m a happily married woman,” you explained. “I’m not going to fuck you. But if you want to sit over there on the swing and play with yourself while telling me how sexy you think I am, then it seems to me that it would only be neighbourly of me to accommodate your wishes.”

So that’s how I ended up sitting back sliding my hand up and down my rock hard cock as I paid tribute in rapturous rhetoric to your nude loveliness.

You made a pretense of going on with your gardening, though you never looked away for long.

“I have to get all the dirt off,” you said as you wrapped your hand around a carrot and brushed it clean in a manner which mimicked my masturbation.

Why bunnies love fresh carrots. Taken an hour ago.

Why bunnies love fresh carrots. Taken an hour ago.

I imagined your soft hand around my cock instead of my own, and that was the final trigger. I groaned and spurted hot jets of spunk all over my belly.

“The garden is the best place to scatter your seed,” you laughed.

Lust satisfied, for the time being, I stayed for another half hour just chatting and being neighbourly.


A short erotic story by
Aussiescribbler – check out for more free stories here:

2 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Gardener

  1. Love your beautiful garden with so many pretty flowers and one beautiful rose oh to enjoy your sweet scent and caressing your soft petals and yes you can release me from my constraints hold me in your velvet soft hands to please us both and see the pretty smile on your sunny face.
    Sweet caresses and kisses on your soft rose petals

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