Sebastian Maniscalco

One of the funniest reports by Ruddy Adam.

Let’s Have Some Fun! Sebastian Maniscalco, Hilarious Non-Political Comic

Hey, folks, how about a little fun?

This cat is the funniest person we’ve seen since Robin Williams, and I’m happy to say not nasty as Robin got in his last years. The best thing is, we’ve never heard him utter a political word. In a time when a lot of us are running from politics knowing all we’re going to hear is Hillary did this and Trump said that, Sebastian is a real relief.

Our Italian friends are going to love him, because his show is full of things his family did. I’ve always loved the way Italians pronounce words and syllables that begin with Bs and Ps. You know it when they use those words. He knows it, too, and emphasizes them just enough to make his fellow Italians know he’s doing it. You can listen for it.

You might try this short clip before going to the full show, which is about an hour. El got her famous tickle box turned over so many times on another show he did that I finally had to stop the video to let her recover. This one’s funny, too.

I’m positive he’s Billy Bob Thornton’s Italian first cousin. Don’t you think?

Sebastian Maniscalco Attends a Passover Meal (2:20)

Get this one: His Sicilian immigrant dad walked into the living room when he was eight and was watching cartoons and said: “Hey, go start a business!”

Sebastian Maniscalco, Aren’t You Embarrassed? (one hour)

Enjoy! The Squirrels

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