A Little Blues

Guest blogger Ruddy Adam writing about blues.

A Little Blues to Start Your Week and Make You Happy

Blues is not sad music. Researchers have found that blues helps our brains produce more happy chemicals than any other music. Ironic? Certainly! But there’s a reason for it. More on that later.

Listen to these and see if they don’t start your week on a positive note, as bluesy as they are.

Singer, writer, composer, and pianist Charles Brown wrote “Trouble Blues,” one of the more memorable blues songs ever. It gets right down in the blues.

We’re giving you two versions, Charles Brown’s pure blues version, and Sam Cooke’s cover which has an old-fashioned gospel tone, complete with an organ rather than CB’s piano. Very different. Both enjoyable.

“Trouble Blues,” Charles Brown (2:40)

“Trouble Blues, Sam Cooke (3:25)

Another deep, down blues song sung by Sam Cooke.

“Lost And Looking,” Sam Cooke (2:00)

With a voice born to sing the blues, Ray Charles wrote this one, and it’s one of his best!

“Hard Times,” Ray Charles (3:00)

One thought on “A Little Blues

  1. Sam Cooke whether he was singing blues, gospel and especially doo woo songs he was one of the best loved his voice and style…..the days of beautiful songs

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