Letters from Anchors

Guest blogger Ruddy Adam on feedback received from anchors.


We here have received about 40 letters similar to these two. El and I have talked to a dozen people from around the country. I just wanted everyone to know how pervasive the problem we’ve been discussing regarding addiction, psychopaths, and Anchors is. Let’s hope this little bit helps a few poor souls at least. Ruddy

“Thanks Doctor for sending me your friend’s article on people like me, an obvious anchor. It is exactly what I have been going through with my grandson for quite a while. I am the anchor and I know it but I told him no more so let’s see what happens. CAN I STOP WHEN HE USES THE SAME OLD TACTICS ON ME THAT I’VE GIVEN INTO IN THE PAST? I DON’T KNOW! This article really opened my eyes and gave me a lot of answers that I have been asking myself. I have had counseling and I did not learn a damned thing. This did it. It is like your friend was looking over my shoulder and writing about me and my relationship with my grandson. Thanks again for sending me this . It’s hard to believe this is happening all over the country, but I know now it is. I will let you know what happens. Your old bud, Hap” Georgia


“Guilty! Guilty! and Guilty again! Going through the horrors of a child coming to you and begging for money that I know is going for drugs is indescribable. This letter did it perfectly I’m telling you. I could see myself in every line and everything that the parasites did when they come to manipulate us Anchors out of money. I have justified it by telling myself that my daughter will be on the streets selling her self if I don’t give her the money. That gives me a nightmare vision and then I give her more money to prevent it from coming true. This article made me realize that I’m at the point that I can’t save my daughter, I have to try to save myself, if I can. I don’t know if I can stop ‘enabling her’. I’m going to try and I’m calling Al-anon. I have already called them. Thank you for waking me up. Yes, I need prayer. Love to all your ‘folks’ who help you in different ways. I wish we could get together like we used to! J.P.” Tennessee


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