Poem for Vera

More feedback for Anchors – by Ruddy Adam.

Dear Folks:

This was sent in by a dear friend of almost 30 years. In 1987, I was doing a study on Revelation in Shelby, NC, when we met this lady and her husband who were from Little Italy, NY. Next thing we knew they had sold everything they had and moved to Carolina to study the Scriptures with us. They have been good friends, students, and supporters ever since. This poem for Vera is from WW, our dear sister in the faith. W’s daughter is truly a good poet and has been published several times. You can see where she got her talent. This is a really good poem, in my view, and perfect for the situation. I fired it off to Vera earlier. Love, Ruddy

For Vera The Conqueror

Vera Vera
We’re here to cheer ya
through the ploys and the woes
as you deal with the arrows and bows

You can do it
You now see clearer in the mirror
You can do it
You now have a steady steerer

Just lift your curtain and you’ll view
that our Lord has sent someone to comfort you

Wear your armor with delight
for the Ever-Living has sent someone to help you fight

Blow your trumpet
Speak your mind

What you’ll do for your son
is in truth most kind

Though you have been trampled and left for dead
God’s Word will lift your head
Just look forward and don’t look back
For that is where the enemy will attack.

Though Satan may come to sift as wheat
And chase around your weary feet

You know by faith, you have him beat!

You have him beat! You have him beat!
You have him beat!

Amen and onward dear sister soldier, Ruddy and El’s team are on your side.


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