Susan Tedeschi Singing and Playing the Blues

New music blog post by Ruddy Adam.

As most of you know, “The Sky is Crying” is the late Stevie Ray Vaughn’s song; he wrote it—and he played the hell out of it. But we’re giving it to Susan Tedeschi today, in honor of Stevie Ray, one of our heartfelt favorites.

You get three guitars in this version, two leads and a bass. The second lead, Derek Trucks, is no second. He is a masterful guitarist, and is also Susan’s husband. They make a an extraordinary team who combined their own bands in 2010.

A child prodigy, Derek Trucks was making a living playing the guitar at age 11. At 13 he was strumming and picking with Buddy Guy. Over the next several years he played with and studied the greats, from Duane Allman to BB King, Charlie Parker, Django Reinhardt, Albert King, and Johnny Lee Hooker. He came from good music genes, in that his uncle was a founding member of one of the great Southern Rock, Blues groups, the “Allman Brothers Band.”

In `99, Trucks himself became a member of the “Allman Brothers Band.” That ought to tell you what kind of talent he is, with the potential to become a combination of Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, if that’s not too much to swallow. At this point he reminds me most of the late Duane Allman. However, having mastered the slide before he was 7-years-old, the tone he produces when he uses it very much puts one in the mind of the greatest electric guitar sound maker ever, Jeff Beck, whom we shall showcase later on.

Susan gets the first solo in this one, her husband the second.

You’re going to enjoy her voice version as well as the guitars. Exquisite version and guitar solos, with both chipping in. You’ll see! This gal can play, too, as well as sing. She’s no Trucks, but she’s very good.

Man! When that voice of hers comes back in!

Susan Tedeschi was born to sing the blues, just as Janis Joplin was. We’ll be showcasing her a lot over the next few years.


“The Sky is Crying,” Susan Tedeschi (8:00) Live & Raw!

Yes, indeed, when you hear Susan sing this one, it does “hurt so bad!”

“It Hurt So Bad,” Susan Tedeschi (5:20) Live & Raw!

A slightly softer side of Tedeschi, showing her beautiful voice. One instrumental solo by a fine flautist, the other by Trucks’ guitar. One of our best songwriters ever, John Prine, wrote these wonderful lyrics. I’ll place them below for you.

Perfectly beautiful!

“Angel From Montgomery,” Tedeschi/Trucks (7:40) Live & Raw!

Carl Lender - originally posted to Flickr as Derek and Susan at Mizner Soul Stew Revival at Mizner Park. 12/28/07.

Carl Lender – originally posted to Flickr as Derek and Susan at Mizner
Soul Stew Revival at Mizner Park. 12/28/07.

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