Wanna Ride My Bike

It’s been fifty-one years. Until this October. I have time to spend practicing. I’ve got the courage to dare. Funny little blue camping bike, eh?

Practicing afternoon. Sunset pastels of autumn.

Practicing afternoon. Sunset pastels of autumn.

Yes, baby steps. In the while, you may dream of the pros.


4 thoughts on “Wanna Ride My Bike

  1. So beautiful with the color of Autumn behind you….have not ridden my bicycle in years either. Are you practicing for summer nude bicycle ride events….Love to let the world see your sweet body riding on my motorcycle with me
    Sweet warm hugs

    1. Yes, Bill, I am practicing and learning. The image is from my first day when I could ride a longer distance without touching the ground with my feet. Every day, and ride, is an event, but I’ll take your counsel and ride naked only during summer – or when the weather will allow.

      Happy hugs to you!!
      πŸ™‚ ❀
      P.S. – What type of motorcycle you having?

      1. I ride a Honda Rebel cruiser…..you would look so sweet on the seat that sits high behind me where the world could see my beautiful passenger sensually holding me and enjoying the ride

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