Parlay Role Play

About a few crazy upside down role play before Halloween.

About a crazy upside down role playing before Halloween.

What can role play bring?

An Upside Down Corset

I wished to try a new way of dressing before this Halloween. Actually it was his idea. The only thing is that, from behind his camera, he seems too absorbed by the frames and other details that I prefer not to be concerned of.

How can he photograph me and not see me?? Interesting. Yet possible.

This is the reason why I ran all through the photo sitting with my corset upside down on me. None of us noticing the involuntary humor. 🙂

I had sort of an interesting feeling. The strings hanging down, a new corset ‘belly’ popping up awkwardly.

Nevertheless, all these opinions did not stop me from feeling great.
Dunno if you can see that. (Check my Southern Charms site for today’s update!)


Doris in the hands of a silly pirate?

Role play home porn filmed for

This Halloween, Doris n’ Don
Came up with new porn.
Made for you with love,
Fitting like the hand in glove.

Like in this parlay role play where the fictional story pivots on porn. Because when you and your hubby, wearing no panties, engage in erotic role playing, surrounded by some cameras, then this is kind of porn, as it implies acting: he is the silly pirate (suits him very well) and I am the sensuous prisoner (trading my charms for a parlay).

However, our married and so romantic porn is made with love. For you. Enjoy watching ‘The Silly Pirate and His Sensual Prisoner’ as we did playing (we don’t know when it will go up on – probably just in time for Halloween).

But! (There’s always a but!)

Porn – the word porn – has one of the worst connotations in the vocabulary. Years ago, I used to be so resolute in writing that I’m not doing porn. But time, experience and things / happenings / placed in perspective, make for a better guide.

When asked to pose in a real studio, I answered that I’d take the solo offers (no ‘boy on girl’ and no ‘girl on girl’) and that I’ll show up there in the company of hubby (as we always do, porn or no porn). Well, I still have to hear back from them. See? I don’t wish to play in that kind of professional porn, with professional talent, with people that I don’t know anything about.

When I make love in front of the cameras (‘using’ hubby or my fingers) and then when I sit back to watch the footage, I feel like staring into a magic mirror that speaks volumes to my mind.

For one, there are the videos where I’m just being myself, having a good time, or trying to find a better time, or just spending time. Let’s call these the casual #RealWorldSex moments.

A close second category covers the films where I use a theme, a script, or a story of sorts, as a pretext to lovemaking. These moments are less casual yet not exactly formal.

And there are the sparse shootings with scenes that I must rehearse and repeat, with many cuts and no few false notes. These make me feel like an actor even if I ‘act’ inside my little ivory tower (here comes my total understanding of the words pro vs. amateur in porn). And this is porn, I guess. Romantic porn because I’ve got feelings for my partner, I know him so well for almost thirty years and he is the father of my children. Oh, look at me, rambling way beyond the romance.

But (see?, yet another but!), if well remembering the first time when I stepped into his room (down in a cellar that he used to call a ‘cave’), I was greeted by bookshelves on two walls, socks on the floor, shirts, trousers and underwear on chairs, an eviscerated TV set, a magnetophone near his bed (playing Dire Straits and Billy Idol) and posters with airplanes and nudes covering the ‘cultural’ corner around his bed. I called him a caveman at that time. Those posters stayed on the walls until we had to move up to higher grounds and repurpose the ‘cave’ for a noble cause.

Watching porn together was a spice that I enjoyed tasting late on Saturday nights, disconnecting from the importance of the week. Until one night when he brought a sturdy VHS camera with us in bed and dared me: “Let’s see if you look better than Seka on screen.”

Got me curious.

2 thoughts on “Parlay Role Play

  1. Role play is beautiful fun for a couple….we have one we love I am her cuckold and invite a massage therapist to please….with mask on her I change my voice and massage her until she begs for her new lover to take her……so much fun and sexy to know you and hubby enjoy this also
    hugs from your secret role player

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