Going Geek

Going geek on Halloween.

Going geek on Halloween.

Don has questions for Doris. Excerpts.

Don: Your first memory of having the feeling that you were a geek?
According to Google: “be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.”

Doris: I’ve got the sensation that I am not a geek. πŸ™‚ My extreme enthusiasm about a subject? Let me see. Since a child I was really into street parades – back in the 70s and 80s this wasn’t exactly what you’d expect today from this term. Nevertheless, I think that adrenaline streamed the same way. Still, these parades sound more like majority to me. Then I loved organizing parties at the university – again, hugely different from what you’d call a ‘college party’ nowadays. Officially, I was chief of the student representative committee and lived under the impression that everyone was listening to me. Later on, after the fall of the wall, I’ve invested even more enthusiasm in your publishing adventures. Remember those mornings? Selling fresh newspapers on the streets. Giving a voice to printed words. That was like a revolution to me!

Don: Yeah. We were young and crazy. I remember that you had balls, well, quite a badass you were.

Young curly balls.

Young curly balls.

Doris: Um. After having the kids, after learning about the other side of the coin, I focused what was left of my enthusiasm on scout camps, sorry. But I do enjoy the posing moments, or when dancing. More precisely when dancing for the camera. Is this enthusiasm? If it is, then this is not the same as the one I had in my twenties. Does this make me a geek? Dunno. Oh. I am so enthusiastic about the fact that I’ve learned to ride my bike! This is a novel feeling and an awesome one!!

Don: Besides gardening, who is the person performing fixes, little repairs, to the house? You know, like minor things. Wifey or hubby?

Doris: Well, it’s quite clear that you do the minor things, no?

Don: Guess so, because you do the major ones!

Doris: Oh, no. Don’t get me started.

Don: Have you ever been photographed – with permission asked by the photographer – for other purposes than family albums?

Doris: Yes. If you count the post card shot at the mountains, the front page photo in the newspaper where I had to offer… But then nobody has asked for my permission.

Don: Remember your first photo shooting?

Doris: Ah, and that too, for the cover of the student’s magazine. Yes, I do remember. I was really thrilled to show my dress. I made that dress with my own hands. Wow!! That was amazing. And you’ve been all kind to me, asked my permission, of course. You made me feel like taking over the entire plaza.

Don: You were definitely turning heads.

Doris: With all you guys around me, the one with the camera giving instructions, you others chasing the pigeons for the flight effect. You bet we’ve put up for some show.

Don: How did you realize that you have an affair with the camera?

Doris: I’m not sure that I realize. I only know that behind the camera, there is you. When you film or photograph me, then I don’t think at anything else, or anyone else. Like what if someone would see the picture, or the video. I just think at me. I wish that film or photo to be on my liking. All I want is to look good in the pictures. Am I a narcissist?

Don: At whom are you looking when gazing into the lens?

Doris: At you. πŸ™‚

Don: What is your opinion about public nudity?

Doris: It’s a thing that I wouldn’t do, like on the street. I don’t judge the ones practicing it. If I’d see someone naked in public, I’d look the other way, unaffected. For instance, at the spa I can see naked women at the showers, where I am naked too. It’s a first look, accidental. Then I keep my eyes away because I am not curious.

Don: Being a housewife is more than a job, than a career, than a craft. What does it mean for you to be a housewife and a mother?

Doris: I think that it’s too vast a subject for this little interview. I’m in a time when I feel overwhelmed by both these attributions.

Don: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Doris: You’re welcome. Can I go to get lunch ready? You go shopping. Here’s the list!

2 thoughts on “Going Geek

  1. Doris,

    Well, you finally decided to embrace your geekiness and show everyone who you really are. I am very proud of you for coming out of the geek closet and fully expressing yourself. Hope to see more of you.


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