Jealousy & Cuckoldry

A fan who thinks that I am wonderful, who loves my videos and pics, watching them again and again, hoping for more stripping and a new titty video, plus more hot lovemaking in front of the camera, asked me a few questions.

Is my man jealous? Well, is he? I can only forward the question myself.

Ensued the following dialog.

Playing the painter.

Playing the painter.

Doris: Hey, Don, are you jealous when I get compliments from fans?

Don: Every compliment addressed to you makes me cheerful. At times, looking at you as you read them, I have the feeling that I enjoy them even more than you seem to.

Doris: Huh, being the object of admiration for you guys, it seems to me that you’re the lucky one parading his trophy wife. So yes, I can say that you are right: not a trace of jealousy on your face as long as we are trading photos and videos, as I am nothing more than an image caged behind the computer screen. But let me ask you: how about me having sex with another man? Would that make you jealous?

Don: You talking fantasy, right?

Doris: Let’s begin with fantasy.

Don: In my rambling fantasies, that I share with you quite often, you are the woman having multiple male sex partners and…

Doris: …and you are my cuckold hubby. I know, I know. Understanding your fantasies, I indulge in them, not without the proverbial grain of salt, because I wish to keep them as funny as wonderland could afford. But when my mind hits back with reasonable queries, then I’d rather wish to turn lesbian.

Don: Men are pigs, I get your point.

Doris: No, no, not necessary. Women can be sows too. And they are, when fashion fades and the social makeup dries up. About any human has the ability to range from a demon up to an angel and back down again. No matter the gender.

Don: So why turn lesbian then? Instead of mastering over submissive and virile men, laying at your feet, along with your cuckold hubby.

Doris: Why? Because this fantasy of yours sounds so very gay. If you dream gay, I dream lesbian. What goes for the gander…

Don: …goes for the goose. Makes sense. Tell your fans that I’m not at all jealous having them in our fantastic, erotic, crazy dreams.

Doris: What if your cuckoldry would scare them?

Don: It won’t. Trust me.

Doris: But Don dear, how about real life?

Don: What about real life?

Doris: Cuckoldry and jealousy in real life. No more fantasy but flesh! How about that?

Don: There are deeds and diseases in reality. There are dos and don’ts in real life. Consequences hiding beneath details that mean nothing in dreamland but are game changers in the flesh. Playing roles, showing off on a stage (or screen), is an exercise, a simulation. Moving this out of the theater implies too many unknowns. Can we bear them?

Doris: I don’t think so. Now I’m about to get thrilled expecting your computer comparison. Please spare me the car analogy, please!!

Don: Leaving the anal orgies for another dialog, I’ll focus on computer games, for now. Take Doom, a first-person shooter game. There’s an imaginary space marine fighting hordes of hostile creatures. The carnage beyond the screen, along with the many lives reset of the gamer, renders it harmless. Just consider porting one percent of this scenario out to the real world. Contemplate the consequences.

Doris: A dildo is not a person.

Don: And a person is not a dildo.

Doris: Do you know why I love you so much?

Don: Dunno. Too many intrinsic attributes?, ahem.

Doris: Let’s skip the charade. I love you – also – because I involuntarily managed to influence you in dreaming gay. So you’re not exactly focusing on competition.

Don: I don’t think that it is you to ‘blame’ in particular. Many married couples – more than would admit – have had a cuckold story to tell each other. Something like the happy hubby parading his trophy wife in front of peers. Do that at the pub and there are fifty-fifty chances you’ll share her in no time. It’s instinct.

Doris: And generosity.

Don: Thank God for the internet and the virtual reality. Cyber-whatever you wanna be, or show.

Doris: What I know for sure is that I am a quite jealous nature. I love having you only for myself and I’m really happy that this chemistry works out without much effort on my part.

Don: Remember that lesbian gal from Germany?

Doris: Ah, yes. And that other one from England and…

Don: Quite a few ladies expressed their lust to taste you.

Doris: What if?

Don: I’d have my cameras at the ready!

Doris: What about your salivary glands?

Don: Difficult to harness.

Doris: We’re still in dreamland here, are we?

Don: Sure we are.

Posterior pose.

Posterior pose.

4 thoughts on “Jealousy & Cuckoldry

  1. If I was done would not be upset at others enjoying your beauty it would only confirm to you what I would be saying how beautiful you really are….you and Don have a beautiful loving relationship that needs no others to endure lasting love… are my mentors in New ways to liven up a wonderful relationship……thank you both for allowing me into your lives as a friend
    Hugs to you both

  2. Doris,

    Sounds like Don is willing to share you, but within certain perimeters. Personally, I would love to experience your charms in a real life setting, but I know you will never be completely mine. I may have access to your body, but your heart and mind with always be with your husband. I wonder what it would be like to be married to the most desired woman in the world. I do not think I could handle it as well as your husband because I would be terrified you would find someone more worthy than me. Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Dear Thomas,

      This is why they have invented the internet. Hubby says that the military did it in order to safeguard their launch codes. Meh, I say that the other, lesser, humans reinvented the internet in order to share thoughts and dream together without involving the flesh or one’s mandatory presence in some place. This is how Don shares me and this is the perimeter where I enjoy sharing a charm or two. Once upon a time, I used to call it Platonic porn.

      Happy to share!!
      Doris πŸ™‚

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