Pathological Lying

Ruddy Adam guest blogging on psychopaths again.

High on the List of Psychopath Traits is Pathological Lying

Psychopaths are either constant, uncontrollable liars (who find it almost impossible to tell the whole truth about anything; which means they lie whether it helps them or not), or they are chronic, condition liars (who lie regularly over time when they think it will benefit them or to manipulate people; which means they may have some control over their lying, to the point that they might not lie about inconsequential matters; a lot of them, however, will lie when it doesn’t mean a thing one way or the other).

Both types are born liars (congenital liars, as William Safire called Hillary Clinton in a piece in the 1996 NY Times)—which means they are pathological liars. They lie without thinking, which is both compulsive and impulsive. (Catching them in their lies is one of the best ways to discover what type of creature you have on your hands, because they lie so much there’s no way they can keep up with them all—and quickly, often in the same conversation, will directly contradict themselves.)

Humans’ brains are not designed to remember lies. It is therefore difficult to impossible for a pathological liar to remember all the lies they tell. Some of the worst pathological liars don’t even realize they’re lying, but most do. Psychopaths simply do not recognize that it is wrong to lie, in most cases. You cannot shame a psychopath. You cannot embarrass a psychopath. They don’t accept or understand ethics, morals, rules, guidelines, boundaries, and therefore have no reason to and cannot abide by any such thing. Lying is, therefore, a major part of their character.

In This Article William Safire Lays Out a Blizzard of Hillary Lies and Calls Her a Congenital Liar

Take note of how Safire lays out Hillary’s lies, and these are just an edge of the evil that have come out of that deceitful demon’s mouth.

A Blizzard of Lies, by William Safire, 1996

This type of lying is not something these creatures can stop. It is part of their brain deformity that causes them to lie this much—without giving the least thought to it. Psychopaths will do anything to appease their compulsions/lusts, that is, to get their way: lie, cheat, steal, slander, and yes, possibly even murder.

It is, however, rare for a parasitic psychopath, the type we are studying, to commit murder. Out of the 100 we have tagged perhaps two of them committed murders, but they are the only two of the 100 we considered violent in the first place, and one of the two we’re not sure he killed anyone. We merely believe it possible. The other one we know he did. But it’s not worth tempting them by getting in the way of what they want. It’s much better to get away from them as soon as you can.

If you do find this type of lying occurs with someone you suspect of being a psychopath, do not call them on it. Let it go and mark it up as something you have learned about whom you’re dealing with. If they have enough of the other psychopathic traits, quite simply without hesitation, Dump!!—and Run!!



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