The Three Neckties

This morning, I watched, listened, admired, the Victory speech of President elect Donald Trump.

I am happy that he won this election. Dunno why. Or do I?

The idea is that I felt good seeing how nicely they have assorted their neckties: Trump’s red, Pence’s blue, Junior Trump’s white. With American flags in the background.

As a mom, I was attracted by the Junior. Clear copy of his father. Looking at him, I saw how he was barely awake, trying hard not to fall asleep on his feet. How much effort was he investing to keep his eyes open? Until he finally realized that it is pointless to struggle. So he yawned. Calmly. Why stressing? Who would blame him for that?

The clocks in NYC were way past 3 a.m. He should have been in bed at that time. But the image would have suffered a lot if not for the Junior wearing his white necktie. Too handsome to miss this moment. For a mom!

Melania had a brilliant idea.


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