Bad Moms, 3.5

A tiny interview about Doris’ latest favorite movie.

Don: How many times have you watched ‘Bad Moms?’

Doris: Three times and a half.

Don: Why?

Doris: I enjoyed it because it’s a beautiful comedy about moms. But at some point (during my fourth watching) I got bored when asking myself if it would be a good idea to watch it (for the fifth time, yes) together with my 15 year old daughter.

Don: Who is your favorite mom in the movie?

Doris: Usually, it is the lead character. Here mom Amy (Mila Kunis). But if I’m thinking a bit more, looking at my shoes, maybe mom Kiki (Kristen Bell) comes from a more familiar place, to me.

Don: What did you like about her, in particular?

Doris: That she listens to her hubby. That she is quite naive. When Amy calls and says: “I was calling to see if you’d like to join me at the movies this afternoon.” Kiki replies by asking: “Are we allowed to do that?” That she instantly stands up when seeing her husband. I don’t really believe in the reversal of situation at the end (when the hubby looks totally submissive and invested in baby sitting over his ears) but it remains a dream, don’t you think?

Don: We all have dreams.

Doris: Only the dead don’t dream.

Don: To continue the narrative you’re starting here, which of the bad moms do you think is the closest to you, like in identifying yourself with her?

Doris: Can’t answer this question with precision. The three characters are created of such a manner that every real woman can identify with aspects of each bad mom character. Amy is the perfect mom, Kiki the perfect wife and Carla the perfect slut. This is how the story begins, allowing the characters to meet and melt and shift. It is how the paradigm transgresses into reality.

Don: Nobody’s perfect in reality.

Doris: As you say. In real life. But this movie is a parable, the evolution of the characters shows us that we are, each and every one of us: a mom, a wife and a slut! Then comes the end punch: the actresses get together with their real moms, chatting. The lovely message is that what matters most for a woman is being a mom! Bad mom will do just fine. But mom comes first!!

Don: What crazy thing would you do, inspired by Bad Moms?

Doris: I don’t exactly feel like doing crazy things. But I think like going to a crazy party!

Don: What crazy stuff have you ever done before? Not inspired by this film.

Doris: I do porn.

Don: Why?

Doris: Because you taught me to.

Don: There are two directions of escape: one seeking silence and relaxation, calmness; the other towards new dares and adrenaline highs. How would you rather evade?

Doris: I seek relaxation. I love to escape to my garden on a warm day of summer. Or maybe indoor next to the sewing machine, in winter, casually watching how it snows on the pines. Every evening I read from a book before falling asleep – soft core adventure stories.

Don: May I suggest some crazy stuff for a rainy and cold day of November?

Doris: You may.

Don: I wish to get pegged. Deeply and gently. Long and sweet.

Doris: Okay. Let me boil some water for your intimate shower first. Which dick shall I get ready: the big thick one or the svelte pointy one?

Don: Both, please.

How many times have you watched 'Bad Moms?'

How many times have you watched ‘Bad Moms?’

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