What I Love about MakeLoveNotPorn?

Yesterday morning, after shooting this little video.

Yesterday morning, after shooting this little video.

What I love about MakeLoveNotPorn?
I love it being disruptive and liberating.
I love it being educational and provocative.
I love it being a movement and not a genre.

Why should you care?
Because every good thing is made with effort and love.
And true love comes to life in action!

Help support the #SocialSexRevolution!!


2 thoughts on “What I Love about MakeLoveNotPorn?

  1. Doris you should be a therapist teaching women to dress like you there sexy and teasing with utmost class. Too many couples after years still deeply love each other but become best friends. Men enjoy women in nylons and sexy outfits. When men go out with their lady and see other guys enjoying her beauty they will wake up and enjoy her not as having sex but deep sensual love that put aside in busy times.
    Thank you for being a friend and sharing your beautiful sensual thoughts with me.
    Sweet caresses

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