Parasitic Psychopaths Tend to Turn?

New psycho blog post by Ruddy Adam.

Question Regarding Whether Parasitic Psychopaths Tend to Turn into Serial Rapists or Murderers

“Mr. Ruddy, we have found a parasitic psychopath. This man has every trait and characteristic you have listed and we have read about. What he has done to this friend of ours, her family and her business is horrifying. We have done as you said and not called him a psychopath to our friend, in fear that she might call him one. She knows he’s ruined her life and wants to get away from him and we want to help her. She is afraid he may be doing other things, like rape and murder. She has no evidence of that, it’s just her feeling because she believes he’s capable of anything. We do too. Are parasitic psychopaths likely to turn into serial rapists or killers? Thank you so much for the help. Love to E. and Co. God bless the faith!” J&J, SC


According to the research we’ve seen and what we know personally about them, parasitic psychopaths are not apt to become serial rapists or murderers. Nor are they apt to commit rape or murder. Out of the 100 we have tagged, only one was a rapist, and he was also the most violent of the lot we’ve known.

Every one of us, however, believes that cutting parasitic psychopaths off from their prey (or an Anchor), or getting in the way of their getting what they want, is an extremely dangerous thing to do. We believe they could (and some have) turned to murder in that type of situation. It’s not likely—but it is something to beware of, especially if they’ve shown any signs of being violent or if they’re drinkers or druggers.

As noted many times before, psychopaths commonly use alcohol and drunks to get the nerve to carry out their hunting and conning. You should watch them when they use drugs and alcohol, to see how they affect their mood. Most psychopaths get more talkative, say things they’ve not had the nerve to say sober. Sometimes the bitterness comes out, the meanness, their true sadistic nature. That is who they are! That is sometimes the only time you will see who they truly are, because they are experts at hiding their true natures.

When they are high is also when they do a lot of their self-enhanced conning. They have grand plans and ideas—none of which they can ever bring to fruition. And for the most part, they never attempt to do. Drugs and alcohol give them the ability to open their eyes widely, stare directly at you—with extremely large pupils—and attempt to deceive you into believing they can hang the sun at midnight and the moon in the daytime, when in fact they can’t do 5% of what they claim they can do.

I think that watching for a violence-prone creature should be something we all should check for on top of the Psychopathic Traits we’ll soon be sending out, whether they have a tendency to be violent or not. If they do they certainly may rape someone, or they may murder someone—under certain conditions. And they certainly might hurt someone physically if they are prone to violence.

Rape is a power-play that cowards use to obtain power over women; they may certainly hurt a woman in the process (over and above what the rape itself does to them), but that does not mean they will go from there to murder. Nor does it mean they will become serial rapists.

Murder carried out by parasitic psychopaths has been done under stressful conditions under which they have somehow concluded that’s the only way they can get what they lust for. I think Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson are examples of just that. So, it has occurred—but it’s not a parasitic psychopath’s normal reaction to dire situations. They are more likely to pack their little tent and scurry off into the night seeking fresh prey—completely forgetting about the victim(s) they are leaving behind them.

If they’re not violent that does not, however, mean that they are not dangerous. It’s good to remember that when you’re relaxing, when you’re sleeping, when you’re tending to the business of life, parasitic psychopaths (our best estimate being about 16-million in the US) are busy doing the one thing that they do really, really well: find human prey that they can con, manipulate, and thereby get what they lust for.

Out of the 100 (a round figure), that’s 62 the Criminologist discovered in her prison interviews, and the approximate 40 that we have known, only five were violent. I would say because of the conditions we discovered them, that would be a slightly high number: hers in prison, and mine in an atmosphere of wide-open gambling, something that a large percentage of parasitic psychopaths do. Remember, though, that parasitic psychopaths are degenerate gamblers. Which means they cannot possibly win and that their gambling is strictly a lust that they must satisfy not to win money—but to appease their lust for an adrenaline high.

One of those raped and sodomized several women (Scar), and two of them committed several cold-blooded murders. Those were Scar and Fast Eddie. Scar is dead; Eddie is in a federal pin serving life without parole.

The other violent one that I personally knew was the late Denny; he could have committed murder, but we do not know about it if he did. He was, however, prone to serious violence and had a highly sadistic streak in him. As I noted in earlier pieces on psychopaths, I saw him stab a man for no reason and pour hot wax on another one’s face for no reason. Coward that he was, he took off running right after committing each act.

After getting out of Springfield back in the 1970s, after having shock treatments and becoming meek as a mouse, Denny was killed by a hit-and-run driver reportedly in retribution for a crime he had committed a few years earlier. Scar was shot in the back of the head and killed in 1976 by the brother of a man he had killed. The police called it self-defense—and let it slide at that.

It’s good to remember that instead of being violent, parasitic psychopaths are prone to be smooth-talking (though most of them have very bad grammar), energetic creatures who easily weasel their way into people’s lives by being exceptional con-artists and manipulators. They are narcissistically self-centered, ruthless, and destructive. They are takers—never givers! Wherever parasitic psychopaths land they leave a trail of broken relationships, horribly scarred and shocked victims, empty bank accounts, and bankrupt businesses.

What I hear from victims more than anything is something like this: How did I let this happen to me? And, of course, I am sad to say, a line of these worthless thoughts: If-I, could-a, would-a, should-a, ought-a, might-a.

The right thing for victims to say, however, is this: I am going to learn from this onslaught of horror, and I’m going to do my best not to let it happen again. To do that I must put myself through a thorough self-assessment of why I let this happen to me. I did it! No one else did! Me and me alone!

That’s what I’ve done, and victims should also admit this fact, and it’s a tough one to do: There is a reason a parasitic psychopath was able to get you in the first place. Perhaps not in every part of your being, but certainly in some parts—you are a sucker, a mark, someone whose character traits are at least to some degree or the other, those that psychopaths pick up on, and pounce! Something about you causes parasitic psychopaths to see you as human prey.

Now that you accept and admit to that—as I have—you have the potential not to let yourself get taken again. But until you do that, you are just as big a sucker as you were when the prior psychopath got hold of you—and fleeced and tortured you. And you are prone if you do not do the above, as I have been, to have another parasitic psychopath spot you, jump on you, and take advantage of you, just as the prior one did.

So then, parasitic psychopaths are not prone to becoming serial rapists or killers. They are not prone to rape or to kill—at all. All psychopaths have a sadistic nature to some degree. The more sadistic they are the more likely they are to hurt someone physically. The more violent they are, the more likely it would be for them to kill someone who is in their way or to get what they want.

When you are trying to cut away from a parasitic psychopath or trying to help someone to do so, take every precaution you possibly can to protect yourself. If they’ve threatened you or have physically attacked you, go to the police and get a restraining order against them. Unless you are married to them and have to go through a divorce with them, a year-long restraining order will normally be the end of your relationship with a parasitic psychopath, because he will have moved on to new prey by the time the year has ended. You will remember him; he’ll not give you another thought.

Otherwise, as I noted to Vera, who is doing well and has broken away from her son, whom she now believes is a parasitic psychopath, change the locks to any building the PP has keys to, get you an alarm system, change your bank accounts, and your credit cards (PPs like to leave victims with one last take in their pockets)—and tell the police you are trying to break away from someone you believe may be a danger to your life.

The best, Ruddy



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