Are psychopaths grateful people?

One more question answered by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

“Are psychopaths grateful people? Are they mannerable in the sense they would tell you they appreciate you doing something for them and say thank you for it? Can they show appreciation? This is something that has puzzled me.” Red Doris, FL


That’s a very good question. Thanks for bringing it up, Red Doris.

The answer falls under the Criminologist’s psychopathic traits where she uses the umbrella term, “entitlement mentality,” and says that all psychopaths have that type of attitude.

Psychopaths think they deserve everything, and they are solely and absolutely self-centered in their actions. They can only act mannerable, appreciative, and grateful—and then they do it to capture prey, keep their victim in their grasp, or to get their way. They don’t even understand manners or graciousness.

In their minds they deserve to lie, con, steal, and manipulate people to get their way—without receiving the slightest negative backlash.

Again, they don’t even understand why there should be a backlash for their horrible actions.

If you will notice the public people I’ve pointed out as having enough psychopathic traits to be tagged as such, the first thing they do when confronted with their lies or wrongdoings, is to trivialize the charge. That’s because it’s beyond their ability to understand the gravity of their lies and wrongdoings. To them, they are being honest, because they don’t believe anything should have any negative repercussions to it. Of course, it’s pathological to think that way, and is further proof of their deformed brains.

No! Psychopaths are not gracious, appreciative people. They don’t have or at least don’t show any qualitative manners.

Unless they are working to get what they want out of their Anchor (or sub-Anchors) or a victim and they know their Anchor/victim likes to hear “thank yous” and likes them to show their appreciation for what they do for the psychopath, they don’t even know the words “thank you” or “I appreciate” exist—to use a bit of hyperbole to make a point.

Let me repeat this: If parasitic psychopaths ever do anything for somebody else, they may give one inch—only because they know they will receive a mile in return. They never give to any cause or to anybody with only the purpose of helping them in mind.

Politicians and preachers who are psychopaths may raise money for causes and for other people, but they’re not going to give any of their own.

Neither of the psychopaths that got me, nor any of them I’ve known over the years were gracious or grateful people. They never said “thank you” or that they appreciated someone doing something for them. And people were always doing for them. The first one did not have an Anchor or enabler, but the second one did—and he never thanked her. He only resented her!

The Criminologist did this as a test along those lines. After getting to know the creatures she was interviewing and had enough evidence to believe they were psychopaths, she began bringing them gifts to their talks. Not one of over sixty that she tagged as psychopaths said “thank you” or showed any kind of appreciation at all for her gifts. They accepted them according to her, as if they were expecting and deserving of them.

Each of them was always asking something of her. They were always plotting, and in each case dwelled fanatically on one, single idea they’d come up with, whether it was to get out of prison or to get something they wanted. They constantly came up with ideas that were impossible to carry out. They were relentless in this respect.

They loved to say rude things to her, asking her for sex in a vulgar manner and making overtly sexual remarks to her, which she went in expecting. She is a very attractive lady. Two of them begged her to show them her cleavage.

Although she was repelled by this, she decided she would change her attire somewhat, wear a dress (she usually wore loose-fitting pants), put on some make up and perfume (she usually wore none), and show the top of her chest down to the edge of her cleavage. She believed—and correctly, too—that she could get them to open up more for her research.

I mention this for two reason. One is that they reacted with their eyes in the same way (later on that), and the other is they showed no gratitude at all for the way she changed her dress—with it clearly being implied that she did so for them.

Let me add this: You must recall that psychopaths are extremely observant people when it comes to what other people like and dislike, what other people want and need. They are hunters, seeking to find prey to parasite off of. They are chameleons—who change very quickly into what their marks, victims, enablers, or Anchors like or want. Whatever that may be!

If their prey is God-believing, then they are God-believing. If their prey is atheistic, then they are atheistic—which is truly how they are. Psychopaths don’t have the ability to believe in a personal God. They don’t have time for God. They are too fanatically centered on their own wants and lusts.

The second one that got me claimed he was a believer, and that’s how he got in with me. But he always admitted he never prayed. The reasons he didn’t pray were that he was too self-centered to take the time to do so, and he didn’t understand the need to pray. He was perhaps the rudest parasitic psychopath I’ve ever known, and he was one of the most self-centered of all of them. Also, they are not able to bow themselves to a superior Being.

When the Lord mentions “the humble” or humility, this is what He means: bowing ourselves to Him by simply admitting that we need Him—that we can’t accomplish the spiritual things we need done for us that He can, such as forgiving us of our wrongs against Him and feeding us spiritually. It is not the type of modern humility that we think of today, in which someone sits in the corner with their head hung down—too bashful to speak.

Psychopaths are never ideologues of any type, religious, political, or otherwise. Political issues are not something they’re going to lust to get their side enacted. That’s why the politicians I’ve pointed out as having enough traits to be tagged psychopathic change positions and lie about their positions to get elected, and then after getting elected they do the opposite.

Let me remind everyone that we are studying this one type of psychopath, the parasitic psychopath. But in the case of having an “entitlement attitude” with everything that comes under that umbrella term, every type of psychopaths has it all: rude, self-centered, ungracious, ungrateful, unappreciative, even unable to express themselves in an appreciative, grateful, mannerable way.

The emotional psychopath whom the ladies he tortured mentally and emotionally call the Monster was by every account “smooth-tongued” and “soft-handed,” but he never showed any gratitude or graciousness to any of them. Each one of them has stated that after he had seduced them with one or more of the many persons he pulled out to manipulate their feelings, he walked away afterwards just the opposite of how he walked in: cold and callous with an “I got you again smirk” on his face.

So far every type of psychopath has been an ungracious, ungrateful, rude ape, Red Doris—except for the short periods mentioned above when they are seducing their prey or trying to get their way with a victim or an Anchor.

Thanks again for the question.



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