The Lady Killers

New fun post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

The Lady Killers, Sarcasm, “Negro Spirituals,” and Loads of Laughter

The only way this film not a hit is people not understanding sarcasm, because it’s a very good movie! Better than most of what Hollywood putting out nowadays. How about that old spiritual music playing in background?

It’s not only psychopaths who can’t understand sarcasm and exaggeration to make a point, but the majority of our youth cannot. It’s really a sad shame. We have a few who have come along really well in that respect and many others, but overall, not being cynical, but again, overall, and this I say being a very optimistic person, I weep for the future! There’s no way you cannot if you talk to as many of them as we do. They are ultra-sensitive and have no idea when you’re exaggerating to make a point or when you’re using sarcasm! And of course this is why they can’t watch a movie like “The Lady Killers.”

One of the All-Time Great Opening Scenes: The Old Lady at the Southern Jail House (notice the spider web on the cell keys as the camera panning by.) Every character perfect! Three truly great character actors, which movies sorely missing nowadays. “Luther,” for those of you who may not know is the Old Lady’s late husband, who somehow talks to her through his picture over the parlor mantel! (2:45)

Hanks Tries to Lie to the Old Lady; the Cynical Old Rascal Won’t Have It, Though

Two Lines in this Scene Worth the One Minute Thirty Seconds; Hanks: “I shall call the gas company, or the water company, or whatever subterranean utility is implicated in this contretemps. I shall see to the matter as only a highly educated classicist could.” And this, Hanks again: “I gather there has been a premature detonation.” Simply beautiful!

The General’s Attempt to Kill the Old Lady Backfires, the “Lady Killers” Wonderful background music! (2:00)

This Song Fitting Lady Killers as Well: “Let the Light Shine On Me” (3:00)

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