Eat Eggs!

Health post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

Eat Eggs—Not Sugar and Cereal!!

Been saying this for at least forty-five-years! The egg is the perfect food! Eat plenty of them, every day if you wish! But eat them and don’t eat cereal! It’s like pouring sugar down your throat! As I’ve shown in numerous articles, processed sugar has very little actual sugar in it. It is made up of mostly synthetics, such as dyes and bleaches and anti-caking agents! It’s poison!

Imagine the Huff & Puff and Bloviate Bovine Scatology All Over the World Post getting a little truth out for once!!

Well, we remember the old, blind hog gets a nut every so often, does it not?

Ruddy Adam


3 thoughts on “Eat Eggs!

  1. It’s the hustle bustle world we live in cereal is quick to fix unlike the time to fix an egg. You have to make time and enjoy many ways to eat eggs. I can always find leftover meats and veggies in the fridge. Does not take long to whip a couple of eggs and add what leftovers you want….So tasty and keeps you powered so much longer

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