2016 In 33 Photos

Selected 33 photos made during 2016 – in low resolution. The high resolution ones are, by the thousands, on DorisDawn.eu and CougarBunnies.com .

New Year’s resolutions – sort of – coming tomorrow.
Have a Happy New Year’s Eve!!

4 thoughts on “2016 In 33 Photos

  1. Thank you for the year in review…a beautiful look back at my beautiful friend. Whether clothed or nude the artwork of sensuality beauty and class the to finish with the sweet loving couple I call friends. Hope I can have many more thoughtful discussions with you while enjoying your artistic beauty in 2017.
    Wishing you both a beautiful New Years and continued friendship

    1. God willing, we’ll keep doing what we do along with entering a couple of new experiments – mostly technical, says hubby, so I won’t divulge too much.
      What matters, besides pursuing happiness, is finding and understanding new (for us) ways to harmony. Living in harmony with nature, with our bodies, communicating with others, making friends and keeping the good old ones, is what our souls need for the ultimate harmony: the sync with our Maker!
      All love, dear friend, and a Happy New Year to you too!!

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