Today, in My New Present

Today, this Wednesday of 2017 (have to specify because this morning I’ve published a post about today, six years ago), I jumped in one of the lovely presents that hubby bought me for Christmas. This one, like few others, belongs to our home-alone after-party treat. Likewise, my first photo shooting this year.

Wearing my sweet bodysuit -

Wearing my sweet lace bodysuit –

My New Sweet Bodysuit

Wished to make something sweet. Found a recipe with peanut butter, banana and chocolate flakes. Yummy!!
But before running to the kitchen, to clean it up (again and again), I felt a big joy: kids are back to school (yes, again!).
Now I can play around the Christmas tree all by myself. Sip a bit of red wine and – most importantly – I can wear my new sweet bodysuit. This is one of the gifts, for me, that we couldn’t have under the tree along with all the other presents.
I love this piece of sexy lingerie and I love it even more when I can pose in it and gently touch my pussy under it; I love rolling my sweet bodysuit up and masturbating in premiere for you, this first Wednesday of 2017!! – see the 121 photos on Southern Charms this Friday.

My sweet bodysuit, backside opening -

My sweet bodysuit, backside opening –

Yesterday morning was about sleeping back after getting early breakfast ready for the twins. First time home alone (this year) we slept naked, embraced and spooned, until before noon when we made love.

I enjoyed multiple physical orgasms that kept a smile on my face. Until today at noon, when I posed in my first 2017 photo shooting, immediately followed by a solo masturbation in front of the other camera.

The posing and filming, aided by a glass of red wine (no doubt about that), escalated the echoes of my yesterday climaxes up to an abstract level. Today, living again my love affair with the cameras, I experienced an intellectual orgasm. It’s cumulative and, even if the carnal vibes will settle, the cerebral elation made my day. Today.

Red wine is a good friend when getting ready for my solo affair with the camera -

Red wine is a good friend when getting ready for my solo affair with the camera –

2 thoughts on “Today, in My New Present

  1. Doris you are sweeter than wine especially in the lace bodysuit….So pretty doing a very sexy tease with the utmost class. A beautiful way to greet me in the new year
    Sweet hugs

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