Beneficial Nudity

Hi there, Don here.

You may remember, if you’ve been around, that even before my wife’s site has been inaugurated in August 2012, I used to post nude photos of her on my site. Our history with nudity and nude arts goes way back.

Notwithstanding the rumors of the late 1980s, during the mid 1990s I’ve acquired the means (a VHS camera) to replace Seka on the screen with long reiterated visions of us ‘performing’ – definitely less than Seka and her companions. Because Doris has no inclination (never had) to compete with the pros. Especially in this pursuit.

It was on a hot and early summer, in 2007, when she decided to pose nude for me – as a birthday present. By no means – we agreed – those photos should be published. “How about sharing them with our friends?,” said I, “look at this one, or this, what a real looker you are.”

Admittedly, her very strong initial feeling of shame gave room to curiosity. Wishing to hear other opinions, to prove me wrong and subjective, she couldn’t wait. Friends proved me right. I entered the bizarre territory where husbands share wives with friends. For many, viewing and touching means the same thing. Not for me. Fantasy and reality can intersect in a relativistic universe, but they can forever run in parallel according to Euclid.

Comes Easter Sunday of 2012 – the evening that made it official. In order to give her all the confidence I could get, perhaps as much as she needed to, I posted subtle nudes on my site, then on a high traffic hub of the internet. Perfect strangers rained in with superlatives and compliments. She felt admired and comforted – the femininity check worked wonders to her psyche.

My idea of behavioral therapy – typical DIY style – consisted of more nude time and a few nude photos shared online. The burnout syndrome is a stubborn condition. Confronting the cause by deviant maneuvers leads to better results than mainstream accepted conventions. At least in some cases.

Stressed by no little concerns, Doris asked me the ethical question. “And all these nude photos of me, you just throw them away for free??”

“Uhm, yes. Good point. We can’t afford such a luxury.” Thus came to be and then – as hobbies for pennies. Twas the summer of 2012.

Few days ago, comes a very interesting feedback from my largely ignored site (hobby for the sake of it). Mr. M. – who is a professional counsellor – wrote me a few lines. Excerpts.

I am confidant that nudity can prevent damage to some people’s health and help cure damage imposed into other people’s health.

Nudity can help remove the barriers which hold in stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest destroyers of quality of health and quality of life.

It is a great shame that more people do not consider nudity as being beneficial or have private places in which to be nude.

Possibly the majority of people […] are suffering from a build up of stress caused by many years of political mismanagement.

There is medical evidence which proves that in the right conditions for the right person nudity can be very beneficial.

Our high stress, high cost, fast pace of life is highly self destructive. By being nude in the right setting, a person’s stress hormones can release rather than build up until the person’s health is damaged or the person suffers a fatal incident. (I tried it and it worked).

For some people being nude in the right setting is equal to releasing a pressure valve, when the valve is open the pressure is reduced and the explosion is prevented.

Not only can some people protect their holistic well-being by being naked, they can also avoid confrontations and improve their physical and academic abilities.

Nudity for some people can be a win-win situation.

Doris is very beautiful as are her thoughts.

I wish you both every success with your future ventures.

Please feel free to keep in touch.


As a dreamer, I love hearing that I’m not the only one.

Thank you, M. – we’ll definitely keep in touch.

Here’s a sample Doris nude photo – selected out of yesterday’s photo shooting.

From Hungary with love!


Keep Warm! - Benefits of posing nude on

Keep Warm! – Benefits of posing nude on


One thought on “Beneficial Nudity

  1. Don thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. When Doris poses you can see the love she has for one person to bare her soul to the world. She is a beautiful woman that shoes nudity can be beautiful and classy a rare form of artwork. I love the discussions with her on some of her thoughts on life she is not only sexy and beautiful but very wise and thoughtful.thank you for sharing her with me you are a beautiful couple I enjoy your posts weekly.

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