Frozen Potatoes

Five winters ago, we had frosts going down in the two digits minus Celsius. Like this winter. The cats made sure to gain weight weeks before the icy spell. They look cuter as fatter furballs in black and white. Even the dogs are adopting this technique to stay warm in winter.

Arriving to the bottoms of the boxes where I’ve stored provisions for the holidays, I visit the pantry (which is situated at the extreme end of the old house) to fetch some potatoes. Horror! I discover frozen potatoes. What a shame!!

Hearing a practical whisper, I decide to rescue them. By eating them! Yes, as long as they remain frozen, I can safely use them. Not any more after the thaw. This is why we are in the second week of an intense and diversified potato-based diet. A get fat diet, for sure!!

Twins love them. Hubby comments about keeping his silhouette, yet he isn’t much of an abstinent either. My two grown-up daughters take advantage of free weekends to visit and clear the kitchen of: boeuf salad boxes and peeled frozen potatoes bags; or chopped and cooked potatoes, or bullet potatoes with or without cheese. Not to mention the French potato salad.

It’s such a potato January around here. The frost keeps going and I keep cooking. Feels like a competition because it is one. I love competitions.

Little time for my yoga mat, much time in the kitchen. No time in the garden. No way to do anything out there. Ah, yes, when it snows – that is when the frost gets milder and I fear the potatoes would thaw and rot in the pantry – then I perform outdoors with a shovel at hand. Had no chance to dare myself nude out there this winter.

Gulping more Omega3 fatty acids and more D3 vitamins, along with regular supplementing, I won’t blame only the potatoes for my get fat winter diet. See my hips??




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