Face Sitting, Before & After

Sitting on Hubby’s Face

It was before the last weekend of August. We’ve already planned a three days trip with the kids. After a hectic summer, we could finally book this little escape. A couple of hours before closing shop, I got a mail from a nice Gentleman who wished to know if I can do a face sitting video for his pleasure. Just have a man and sit on him, like this – examples provided. I answered that I’ll think about it.

Vacation or not, my mind kept bringing back that sample picture from the Gentleman. Knees spread on the edge of a sofa, for the camera to catch the deepest details. Man’s head squeezed between the mighty buttocks and the said edge of the sofa. Woman’s hands grabbing the backrest. Tension everywhere down and up. An almost athletic position for me to follow. Let not mention the hapless hubby having his neck on the edge, literally.

Sitting on hubby's face - part 1.

Sitting on hubby’s face – part 1.

How on earth could I have an orgasm in this place? You know, when talking pleasure I wish to RELAX, to pause my muscles and allow his hands and dick and tongue and hungry mouth to work on me, to start me!, to replenish my batteries.

There are times when I have to participate, beyond the passive receiver. When I do, I feel another kind of pleasure, a shareable joy of giving and taking back what gives. I don’t know how to describe the difference. Perhaps the passive orgasms are desired exclamations while the active climaxes sound more like Eurekas!

Pressing myself down against hubby's face - part 2.

Pressing myself down against hubby’s face – part 2.

Be it passive or active, I need our bodies to press against each other before even considering an orgasm complete. I wave wonderfully in missionary and sixty-nine because these positions have us wrapped together. And the face sitting pose seemed to be nothing like that.

The short trip has been a success, the other kids returned from far places, only to go back and open a new school year, which engulfed us all in hauling little nothings and big luggage from town to town. Until the other week when the nest became empty again, by day, and the old birds could focus on what birds do: lovemaking!

Is face-sitting love-making?

Men have countless fetishes about it and I hear them. It is about domination and humiliation, about acceptance and letting go, about all the power in our hands, or buttocks actually. I get it.

But how about women? If your loved one asked you to sit on his face, would you do it just to comfort his fantasies or should you seek to taste your end of the pie?

I know what’s in it for him: total submission, helpless surrender, capitulation close to suffocation. But what’s in it for me? Am I to be the brutal and senseless bulldozer? Can I climax as the tough lady? You bet I can!

It took me two days.

On the first day, we agreed to take it easy. Flexing my muscles, I got into position. Bit shy, he followed under, between my thighs. Then we noticed that a pillow is needed between the edge and his neck so that his tongue could better reach for my curious clit. His playful hands never stopped playing with my butt cheeks, my hips, my belly and breasts. Responding to his candor, I didn’t press too hard. Why should I? His tonguely and fingerly stimulation brought me, shortly enough, up on the plateau. Where I loved flying a few skimpy spasms of pleasure. Until the shutter sounded out loud.

Surprisingly, I could have multiple orgasms while face sitting my man. Technically, according to the rules of the fetish, I’m not exactly certain how much of a face sitting that was, because I hardly convinced myself to push against his face.

Day two brought the push. Not that I wished to finish his nose, but because I couldn’t help myself. The plateau has been left behind, far behind, by the fireworks in my head. Knowing, from yesterday, that I can do it, that I can come on his face, I loosened up and profoundly wished to penetrate him.

Um, the verb ‘penetrate’ would require ‘something’ but let’s keep that for another blog. The pelvic bone was all I had today, as a ‘penetration’ instrument. Uncounsciously, out of me, I pounded. Hard.

It felt fantastic!

Wishing for more, I hammered again. Against his head. Later, he told me that, for a moment or two, he was afraid I’d break his maxilla bone. You may see this in the video ‘When sitting on his face. Day 2, 2 angles’ how he’s turning his head a bit left to cope with the pressure. He loved it. Including the scary seconds.

I made love while sitting on his face. Didn’t believe I could!

Thrilled by this unexpected achievement, I felt like directing a short exit position, with him on top, making love to me, the way we know we do, and me on my back, even lowering my head below the edge of the sofa. ‘After sitting on his face. Day 2, 1 angle.’

After sitting on hubby's face - part 3.

After sitting on hubby’s face – part 3.

Dunno why I wished to shoot this adagio clip. Maybe a voice insistently whispering to clear my bulldozing image?, or rather my appetite for yet another orgasm. A relaxing one, this time.

3 thoughts on “Face Sitting, Before & After

  1. Face sitting is something most couples will never do but I think it is so beautiful and erotic do try at least once to enjoy the extremely erotic scent and taste of your lover as she is so excited at this new adventure so hot caressing her soft thighs as your tongue coaxes her to total give in to total pleasure another tough but beautiful way to share deep love for each other.
    Waiting for you to sit sweet goddess

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, Bill, because I never considered face-sitting hubby unless hearing from the fetishists that love this position above others. Some even asking me to perform it. Wow!
      Yet the triple-wow came to me AFTER face-sitting him (several times – all good things take exercise).
      I can tell you that these orgasms that I get while ‘sitting’ may be compared to French cuisine: sort of empowering escapism!!
      May I sit?


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