iTouch uWatch

I love my fans because they love what I offer them: primarily pictures and videos with me flashing naked, posing nude, touching myself – like in masturbation – or making love in front of the cameras.

I suspect that every exhibitionist must have a subtle relationship with her voyeurs. More so when they write back. Excerpts.

“Can I take a picture of you as a background for my phone?”

“Deine Bilder werden immer geiler.. gefallen mir sehr”

“Du machst mich Wahnsinnig.. im positiven natürlich..”


iTouch your phone - as seen from your hand.

iTouch your phone – as seen from your hand.


Love the grammar lesson. It reminds me of Cyndi Lauper’s She Bop:

“I bop
You bop, we bop”

“They bop
He, she, or it bop.”


Well, giving head goes bit ahead of mere exhibitionism – but I love that too, given the right person.


I Masturbate: 102 Close-up Photos on Southern Charms
I masturbate,
You masturbate,
He/she masturbates,

We masturbate… but hey!, are we at a grammar class here?


This is our masturbation class!

Wow, an entire hour? Quite a lot of time.

Usually, I cum pretty quickly – given the appropriate ambiance. 🙂

iTouch – iBop – uWatch!!


2 thoughts on “iTouch uWatch

  1. u touch I will always watch because you do sensuality with the utmost class . If you cum quickly I consider that an honor that my words to your posts and friendship so deeply and sensually please you.
    Sweet hugs

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