Global Warming is a Huge Hoax

A cool but warming post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

Evidence Continues to Show That Global Warming is a Huge Hoax

Some of you are living in a draught, and the media are claiming it’s because of Global Warming. By nature of the term, “Global Warming” must be occurring around the world, that is, “globally.” It is not, however, occurring across the planet. Europe has had exceptionally cool summers the last few years. Australia has too, though they have had draught conditions, which is typical for there.

Where is has been cooler than normal, the warmers are claiming that it is because of “Climate Change,” and often get by with that ridiculous claim. And they go to great lengths to do so, as here: “Melting sea ice and warmer temperatures in the Arctic are to blame for the brutal cold snaps that have plagued parts of Asia and North America in recent years, according to new research by Korean and European scientists released Monday…. The concept seems contradictory at first, warmer temperatures in one place causing cold winters in another. But the paper finds that a hotter, less icy Arctic—a region that has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the world over the last two decades—creates a bulge of warm air in the lower atmosphere that forces the jet stream to become wavier, dipping farther south in some places and peaking farther north in others as it moves eastward around the globe. As it dips south into latitudes lower than it used to, it carries with it cold Arctic air.”

The problem is, the Warmers predicted just the opposite would happen. The Artic was supposed to melt, which would in turn coincide with warmer winters around the planet. It never happened. The Artic has shown a greater amount of ice since their prediction in 2012, and yet the winters across North America and Asia have been more brutal than they have in years.

Nothing has changed since we last did any writing on the Global Warming Hoax, though the Warmers are reluctant to admit that again their predictions have failed to come true. After 45-years of never getting the first prediction correct, it does look as though they would pull up. Not so!!

Ideologues never stop! They are relentless liars and deceivers who believe, again, that the end justifies the means. Like psychopaths you cannot embarrass an ideologue; it is impossible. Unless it’s their Anchor that catches them lying, deceiving, and/or stealing (and then Ps know it doesn’t make any difference, because after the cooling off period, the Anchor falls right back into line enabling them) psychopaths merely move on without so much as a blink. Ideologues simply come up with a new excuse as to why they’re right about their story, though it’s been proven wrong and is even a hoax, and go right back to making false claims without a blink. Note evolution, leftists policies such as higher taxes, etc., Global Warming, and the claim that the child in the womb is no more than a hunk of meat even after hundreds of studies have shown that the baby is feeling and somewhat knowing.

Remember the prediction after 2004 when Florida was hit with four hurricanes and Katrina hit the Mississippi and Louisiana Coasts? Hurricanes were supposed to greatly increase in number and ferocity! Only one has hit the Florida coast since. And then there’s the prediction that Washington DC would never see snow and ice again! Another disaster prediction. There are so many others it’s foolish to show them to rational, sane people such as all of you are!!!!!!!!!

The world’s weather continues to wax and wane, but when the most honest numbers that can be done worldwide at this point are looked at, the planet seems to be slightly cooling as it has since Greenland was, well, completely green, when the planet began cooling. If you recall when we did the math several years back on the amount of melting the Warmers claimed was occurring in Greenland, it would take 226,000 years for it to melt at that rate!

What else?

Fear sells, folks! Do not forget it!!

Ruddy Adam

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