Good Morning!

Good morning, darling. How was your night? Mine was relaxing. I slept well. His morning wood hushed a few dreams away but I wished to catch up, so we spooned into a little nap. The lights woke me up later on. Too intense, too warm, too bright. He photographed me before making love to me, again.


Good morning, darling.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Looks like a lazy morning.


I’m doing the bridge – to stretch a bit.


This is a new mattress, let me test it.


With all those lamps around, think I’ll have to get ready for a new photo shooting.

Doris goes further on

Yes, kiss me tender. I love it! // Doris goes further on

Wish you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Hubby will receive the sweetest Valentine treat….first pose so sweet sexy won’t you join me pose to the last looking over your luscious dishwashing for your present. Thank you for such sweet wishes and wishing you and hubby one of the sweetest sensual days together
    Sweet hugs and caresses

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