Sex in February

Before closing the Valentine’s week, let’s talk about sex in February. How is it special from sex in January or sex in June? Well, there are lots of similarities with January, and even with sex in March, yet close to none with summer sex – other than using the same physical parts and motions over and over.

This February is mostly foggy with a few sunny days that I’ve seized for an hour or two of gardening. Can’t spend too much time outside without risking to bring a virus or a bacillus inside. Crunching digits, cooking new food every day, socializing with construction workers, planning renovations, exteriors and interiors, won’t exactly make February undull.

To elude stress and sorrow, sex in the morning seems to be an excellent choice. But you already know that most of my sex takes place in the morning, regardless of season. This February we finally could afford to invest in a new, more solid, mattress. Now I’ve got the possibility of doing little, yet important, gym exercises on the mattress.

Having your gym hour in between two lovemaking sessions, and in the middle of filmmaking and photo shooting sessions, is the new experience brought in by this February.

What really matters, after all, is talking about sex and gym like they were one (perhaps they are) and giving sex the commonplace it deserves in our lives.

An interesting fact, Friday morning, I wake him up to penetrate me, I ride him long because I felt the urge to. Half an hour later, I ask him to ejaculate on my pussy and then to lick me gently through orgasmic bliss. Which he does. Then, while cuddling, I tell him that, with all the succulence of the clitoral orgasms, early on, during the sustained penetration, my sensations were more memorable, even if having no orgasms then.

Seems to me that orgasms, while essential to sexual health, are not everything, are not necessarily the unique goal of having sex. Prolonged penetration, performed right and with care, sort of calculated vaginal massage, may be at least as important and beneficial as orgasms. Can’t tell (yet) if it echoes longer but can tell that sex this February, on the new mattress, is a winner!

After morning sex, before polishing my toenails. More on

After morning sex, before polishing my toenails. More on

Gym candle position. Exercising on Southern Charms.

Gym candle position. Exercising on Southern Charms.

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