Today, Homemade Gaiters

Getting dressed for the carnival doesn’t require the lease of an extravagant costume.

From personal experience, the carnival season appeals to my imagination, so I may improvise from what I already have at home.

I rediscover my passion for tailoring – an older dream of mine often left on the backburner.

How easy is it to cut a pair of denim trousers. Keeping the legs for your imagination, using the buttocks to make a handbag.

Look at my new sexy gaiters – crude cuts, I don’t need to adjust them in any way, or do I?
At least for this occasion, they seem the ideal option for a carnival costume.

Maybe it’s a bit premature to launch my fashion ideas on the market, but who knows?
What say you?




Watch me this Friday on Southern Charms and next Wednesday on CougarBunnies for the entire photo sets.

Γ€ propos fashion, I’ve stumbled today over this 19th century naughty erotic typeface.

2 thoughts on “Today, Homemade Gaiters

  1. You are such a pretty sexy and fun woman…..perfect carnival outfit have everyone wondering what has she got covering her sexy legs….you will have so much fun watching the reactions especially if your pretty bush bikini is showing…..have fun.

    1. Ha, ha. Yes, would love such a dare, if not for the cold on the streets. Until then, we may keep dreaming.
      Happy carnival season to you, Dear Bill.
      Doris ❀

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