Believers Can No Longer sin

A new Agora series by Ruddy Adam.

We Can No Longer Sin, Because We Are Dead to Our Former Sinful State, and Are Now Alive Forever (spiritually, which is what counts) Through Khrist

V. wrote: “It’s the believing which grants the Heaven to me, lustful, proud and remorseful sinner. Not my (very few) “good deeds” or my (inexistent) “virtues”.”

Comment: Don’t forget dear bro that because of your belief you have become as Khrist, in that He has purified you of your sins, from yesterday and from here out. You are His, and no one can take you from Him.

You might think of the Ever-Living looking at you and your soul just as He had a set of pure Khrist-glasses on. When He looks at your soul, He sees it just as pure as Khrist’s.

“The Justified shall live by faith.” Habakkuk 2.4 & Romans 1.17

Believers live in union with the Light (Khrist) and the only way they can be in union with the darkness (Satan) is to desert belief in Khrist.

See a full explanation below:

Believers Cannot Possibly Live in Union with Sin

Romans 6.1-7, & 11 Paul, to the Assembly at Rome

1a. What thus shall we say? (Rhetorical question introducing an explanation. “What thus shall we say” equals “This is what we shall say.”)

1b. Shall we remain in sin with the result that grace must continue increasing? (Shall we continue needing more and more grace to save our dirty, rotten sinning souls after we break a law or Commandment? Rhetorical question not requiring an answer: But which is given below, by Paul: “Absolutely not!”)

2a. Absolutely not!

2b. How can we who died to sin still live in it? (Rhetorical question that does not require an answer, because the answer is given in the question: We cannot possibly continue living in sin because our by our belief in Khrist sin is dead to us. It no longer exists to us. Or, “How can we who died with Khrist, spiritually speaking, still be sinners?” We cannot still be sinners.)

3. Or do you not understand that all of us who were baptized into a union with Khrist Yasu were also baptized into a union with His death? (Again, another rhetorical question not requiring an answer, and which may be stated thusly: When we accept Khrist we are then looked at by the Ever-Living just as if we lived a life exactly like Khrist. We died on the Cross with Him, we are raised with Him [spiritually speaking as long as we still live in the flesh], and we live in a constant state of sinless grace because of our accepting Him and believing in Him, that He died for our sins along with many other things, too; and He was murdered of His Own volition for our benefit, and that He is raised, and sits in His place of honor in the Upper-Levels.)

4. Therefore, we were buried with Him through that baptism into death, with the result that just as Khrist was raised from the dead through the honor bestowed on Him by the Father, so we too can live a renewed life.

Now, notice in v. 4 how figuratively Paul is speaking, because you know that we were not actually buried with Khrist, except through the eyes of the Ever-Living Who grants us the same honor as He does Khrist, because He looks at us through Khrist. We receive a crown as Khrist receives a Crown. We are kings, just as He is the King. We are rulers, just as He is the Ruler. We are eternal overcomers (conquerors) of this age, just as Khrist conquered this age by living a perfect, sinless life and obeyed the Father to the tee.

It’s a wonderfully freeing feeling knowing that the Ever-Living looks at us in that light. Do we deserve it? Hell yes! How do we know that? The Lord would never have sacrificed Himself for us, if we were not worth it in His eyes. It’s one thing we have to work on about ourselves, and that is we must not condemn ourselves. For how can we condemn ourselves if the very Being Who created us does not condemn us?

5. For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be united with Him in the likeness of His Resurrection. (Note that Khrist has already risen, and therefore in the Lord’s eyes, so have we! We stand resurrected, spiritually speaking, and sit with Khrist just as He is today in the Upper-Levels.)

6. Understanding the aforementioned statements, that our old Adamic man was crucified with Him, with the result that the sinful body is done away with, that we shall no longer be slaves to sin.

7. For he who has died has been freed from sin! (Explanatory v. Khrist has died, and He will never die again. We trust in Khrist. Thus, we have died, and will never die again—spiritually. We will die in the flesh, unless we are here when the Lord’s Parousia takes place, because as soon as He sets His foot down on Zion, He will transform us to be as He is, and we shall have new bodies that can never decay or die.)

11. Likewise you also, declare yourselves indeed dead to sin, but alive to the Ever-Living in your union with Khrist Yasu our Lord.

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro - - Author Jcsalmon

Cristo Redentor do Rio de Janeiro – – Author Jcsalmon

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