Pyjama Cuts

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings. Every one of them I wake up with a pair of paws embracing my butts, caressing my tummy. My impish Fotomann – even when sleeping, or especially then – allows the instinct to guide his arms. It is me that, every other day, choose to follow the chores instead of my own animalistic inclinations. Not this week! Because I wished to beat the flu with a double dose of daily sex.

You may refer to many of my blog posts if you’re curious to find out more details about morning sex.

But I have another idea. This January, a nice lady contacted me by mail, asking if I wish to participate in a short erotic story contest. Oh sure, why not?

The theme was: LUST!

Yesterday, my ‘wife sharing story’ got published. I blushed a few times when writing it, I blushed when reading and correcting it, I think I’m going to blush now and I am sure that I’ll blush when reading your comments.

It is a fantasy, maybe more of a fancy than Astarte. Feeling the flush of embarrassment burning my cheeks, I must admit that what he rambles during his orgasms catches up in my mind, especially when raving in unison with him.

Warning: you’ve never read something like this about me and my man.
Calming: don’t know if such a thing can even happen.
Clarifying: it did happen on that beach, in a reality that I’ve dreamed of some morning, before waking up to feel his paws all over my butts and belly.

Read, review and VOTE! for Breakfast On The Beach – by yours truly.

Today, after my morning sex -

Today, after my morning sex –

The photo above was taken this morning, immediately after completing my series of orgasms and before I allowed my Fotomann to finish himself. The pajama top shows you how I sleep, no pants, and the denim cuts are the byproduct of my denim gaiters of last week. I wish to turn them into a mini skirt, or a purse, not sure yet.

As a response to this letter…

Hi Doris,

I love your sets and your sexy pics on your Southern Charms site.
My favorite pics and my fetish is: jeans!
I love it when you wear tight jeans! My favorite Jeans are the Jeans that you are wearing in the photo sets: 311, 271, 237.

So tell me now, this is not the jeans, that you cut off and only use the legs in set 381?
Yes? Oh my gosh! Did you really cut them off? What was the reason?
I hope you show the upper part, the shorts in a next set and I hope you have a new sexy tight pair!

Please answer me.


…I decided to do a photo shooting today with the other parts of the denim cut. To go up on Southern Charms coming Tuesday.

And no, these were not my jeans. I did not cut my stretch jeans. What I’ve cut is a pair of jeans that belonged to my son but he is not wearing them any more. The reason, besides those jeans not being worn, is that I have a crush for tailoring (again) and that I wish to experiment on something.

Dreaming Doris - sensual photos and romantic videos on

Dreaming Doris – sensual photos and romantic videos on

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