Let Me Take a Break

This is more of a legacy day, from when times were red, crazy red. Check out my previous blogs about March 8 before heading to Southern Charms and CougarBunnies.com for the galleries.

International Women’s Day – when the woman gets tired.

Around our neck of the woods, this day is an occasion for men to be better served. Someone said, from her own experience, that on March 8 the guests arrive to celebrate, party and taste the select foods and beverages that the lady of the house has prepared for them . She arranges the table. Everybody is happy and enjoying the day.

Then they leave and the woman stays to contemplate the table, those dirty dishes; to wash and place them back in the cupboards. Glasses and cutlery that she must hand wash, carefully and slowly, because the washing machine would wear the designs off.

Let me take a break, to relax a bit.
For me – the break, I mean – is it for me?
Or for the men looking at me?

To be honest, I like looking at the pictures too. Makes me happy.

Love the flowers. He’s bringing me flowers on random days. Just like this.

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