MidMarch #ToplessTuesday

Mid of March is twisted between ice blizzards and mild sunshines, between end-winter carnivals and equinoxes of ascension, between red and green. What’s in there between red and green? How about white? Or young – there will always be a youth of March.

Our clear skies compensate the chilly nights with pleasant days – to bike and garden. Green holidays at home and overseas.

Youth and confidence give us the ability to chase the snakes away. Fearing only fear itself, post a topless pic this MidMarch Tuesday.

The St. Patrick’s week on Southern Charms – with the 2+1 Sale on Friday!

On Southern Charms, William told us that the President’s Day Sale will spin again on St. Patrick’s Day, this Friday.

Can you see the red and the green?
Maybe time to jump in between!

Oh well, verses were never my main asset. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “MidMarch #ToplessTuesday

  1. Thank you for the Tuesday post….a beautiful greeting from my sweet friend to warm me and cheer me on a dark day getting two feet of snow
    Warm hugs

    1. Ohh, so sorry about the snow – blame global warming on it 🙂
      Hope you find a warm place inside to cuddle.
      All love and hot kisses to you!!

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