Ole Movies Notes

Wishing to share with you a few dialogues about posing and love making next to a running camera.



Hi Doris,

I found you on Southern Charms! Then, by accident, I found your web site, and I joined!! Amazing… You are very beautiful. One of my favorite things about you is the way you write. I read several paragraphs concerning your videos. I love that – so sultry! Erotic.


Everything that I would say will be very subjective of course. I search for you for over a year. LOL… You were hard to find! All men have special things that they love about women. You are what I love in a girl! I love normal girls. That is why I was searching around on the Southern Charms website. What struck me about you was the unshaven pussy (I love that). I believe I’m in a minority about that but that is my preference. Then I read some of the intros to your videos and was so surprised. YOU can write! It was so amazingly seductive. I had to buy one. I got the one where your husband licks your ass. Wow, your giggle was cute and you were at ease in front of the camera. OHHHH! I read there that is NOT your favorite but I can’t blame your husband’s desire… Yours is very inviting! I took a chance because some of the other girls have other web sites I thought and hoped that you did too. WOW! What a find. I joined immediatly. You write also? OH YES, and it is captivating the way you swirl words. I love that too… Smart girls are my weakness!


Just for starters, I wanted to tell you some of the picture sets I like on the SC site: #129 – the blue jeans, the very very small ones. OHHH my!!


July 2014 – Denim Cut.


Then something a little different: the set #87 – Vernal Vagabond… especially pic #11 – camel toe and it is like you can see your erect nipples through the blouse. That picture left me breathless!!!

Equinox 2014 – Vernal Vagabond.

Then on your CougarBunnies.com site (2011 09 06) in and out Blue Apron.

September 2011 – Blue Apron.


And then in and out Mirror Play. You are extremely beautiful in those two sets. I love the way your breasts are and your erect nipples, they are tease pictures and very well done. Good job to your husband. This is just a sampling of what I have enjoyed. Looking forward to checking out the other sets more closely in the next few days.

September 2011 – Mirror Play.


I do hope all is well with you and your family. Hey, I love your accent. Very erotic!!!!! Please keep me up on things in your world.

Kisses to you too,
P.S. Also it is fun to write you… you respond so fast -thank you

Hi T.,

Thank you for your long and detailed mail, and for signaling the minuses on my site. Told hubby and he said that he’s going to check the video “Over the Pink” and about the missing galleries, these weren’t taken down, not on Southern Charms either. […]

About writing, it’s me and him. Me because I wish to stay young, so I have to dream and write my dreams down. He because of his sci-fi hobby which, if left alone, sounds like mumbo jumbo, geek talk, making no sense and definitely no sales. I said to him what if we’d combine our writing into something like, say, romantic erotic sci-fi. Crazy? Not crazy enough! In order to curb my anxiety menopause-related problems, to escape my panic attacks, to evade the continuous stress inflicted by the kids, I chose to present my nude gardening hobby on the web.

And so it began! Erotic stories in pictures. The prose brought us an Euro or two from Amazon – not exactly the digit to help the budget with. If it were the case then, maybe, I wouldn’t have posted naked pictures and videos on the web. Let me tell you why: years ago, he had posted a few and showed them to me.

“Are they for free?” Said I.

“Yes, why not!” Answered he.

“No, no, no! If you want me to get naked on the internet then this can’t go for free. Has to be a quid pro quo.” I may be old school but I don’t envy those young girls showing themselves for nothing at all. The generation gap maybe…


Thank you very much for your interest and support: it helps me in more than one way, believe me. πŸ™‚
Love and kisses,

Dear Doris,

I hope you are happy. I do not want to make you sad. I do very much enjoy your pictures and movies. You seem very happy and excited in them. This is another reason I love them. They make me smile! […]

Hi T.,

Rest reassured, you didn’t make me sad, at all. But, as you know, one cannot be happy all the time. One must fight to be happy. Constant happiness doesn’t “happen,” it doesn’t come easy. Maybe this is what they meant when writing about “the right to pursue happiness” – it’s like a trophy that you’ve gotta sweat for.

In the pics and movies, and in my garden, I run to find happiness. Often times I do, which is why I enjoy escaping to this “second life” of mine. I love making them at least as much as you like watching them. πŸ™‚



Hi Doris,

I wanted to tell you about my impression of your love making!! I do not like porn but i know that what you do there is a razors edge to it. Most porn models are not good talkers, they just show the goods. I don’t like that.Then I found you. You write well and talk beautifully.

So, when I saw the video on Southern Charms of you and your husband making love, it was different, it was HOT, VERY HOT yes, but still different because it seemed like you enjoyed it and wanted to do it!

Your legs are sooo beautiful wrapped around your husband. I told you the other day how much I love your legs, but this was the first time I really noticed them. I thought this reminds me of something very beautiful. It was an old movie called Emmanuelle – 1 and 2, there were others but the first two were the best.

Your long shapely legs reminded me of her (Sylvia Kristel) in the movie. I saw it when I was young and still to this day it is my favorite love making scene. It doesn’t show that much but still amazingly erotic. In one part she meets her husband after a long absence. She lays across a chair and plays with herself. She says “watch me”.. then out of nowhere, in a very believable voice, she says “fuck me”.

It is breathtaking!

I tell you this to tell you that the way I see you is the same way after all these years – you match her to me. Your love making is as beautiful as hers was in the movie. Her name is Sylvia Kristel. Maybe your husband has heard of her.

What the movie did not show however, you do, so it is like I am seeing this movie from a better angle, and it is you. I have looked long for this type of love making that you do in your films. It is sooo erotic.

I am just so very happy that I have found you. The one where you are making love on the Southern Charms site[…]. I love the way you sound when you are being loved on. I know girls can fake orgasms, but yours seem real so I’m believing they are.

I enjoyed the camera angle when I could see you with your long legs lifted and your husband going in and out of you – amazing view, and very erotic, but it looks like you really enjoy! So that makes me enjoy to look.

I could talk about your body parts. I will if you want me to later but what I’m trying to say is that when you make love there is an aura about you. I see it and feel it.

Thank you, Doris, for letting me share this with you.

Ohh, something else about a recent picture on Southern Charms – set 131 pic #45. I see the resemblance very very good. Was that your idea or your husband’s? I loved it!

Hi T.,

Your letter is one of the most touching that I was given to read. I knew not about Emmanuelle, the character, or Sylvia Kristel, until today. I’ve asked hubby to find those films because I wish to watch them – very excited about that. πŸ™‚

About faking orgasms: for a woman it’s so simple to fake it and make the man believe that it is real. But I’ve asked myself: if you cheat at the tests in school, who is the loser?, the teacher or you? I’ve pondered about it and thought that the man will come to his short orgasm anyway, then I’d be the loser for faking mine because having an orgasm (for myself to begin with) is one of the most extraordinary and healthy experiences. When a panic attack hits me, the first thing coming to my mind is calling hubby to give me an orgasm (even if I can’t return the favor). I see orgasms, more and more, as therapy!

Of course that when I masturbate in front of the camera there are times (many) when I can’t come. I just feel good, excited, vulnerable, wishful… but my hand fails short of igniting the butterflies of my belly into the glorious fireworks rejuvenating my brains. All these come easier when he’s working on me with his dick or tongue, caressing my body, pressing me tenderly. Maybe this is why I have a hard time reaching paroxysm alone, while touching myself – although I enjoy being filmed or posed during my vulnerable moments… Well, I’m working on it, thinking that, some day, my hand will become as proficient as his tongue.

From the set 131, pic #45, I had the idea to play with flowers, I often do. But discovering the similarity is your idea, not mine nor hubby’s. πŸ™‚

Love and kisses to you,
Doris – your online friend πŸ™‚

March 2016 – Winds of Spring.

7 thoughts on “Ole Movies Notes

    1. Hi Gianna,

      It’s the Mediterranean eating and the naturist lifestyle. Many friends say that they have to stay chubby to keep the face rounder and the wrinkles hidden. But this can’t always work for me because, unlike most of my friends, I don’t show only my face to the public. I must have a more holistic approach in respect to my body.

      Then there are the nutritional supplements, carefully selected by my Fotomann, because not all supplements are equal.

      And then there is my garden. I’m writing you in a short break from gardening, lots of branches to clear yet.

      Anyway, I still think that too much Omega 3 fish oil (that hubby insists is necessary in extra doses during winter) and of vitamin D3 added some curves to my silhouette. Now I’ve stopped them, moving more and wishing to get slimmer again. See? I still have some insecurities – the best way to control them is to get naked and pose regularly for the camera, so I can compare.

      Okay, writing break ends here and I’m back to my pruning shears.

  1. I think you have, in the same, a slender shape basically, but I think you follow the right way of live, a good and nature lifestyle. I’m not a person who eat a lot and I always worked in house as a slave, but unfortunately as in my young years I’m chubby. And I add in the years saggy tits and cellulite!! Poor me!

    1. My primary and secondary school had a sports oriented profile – every day from 8 to 10 we had athletic training. But a busy and quite stressful life during my twenties and early thirties brought me to the brink. In order to survive to raise my kids, I had to make radical decisions, to drastically reconsider my lifestyle, from eating habits (quantity as well as quality of food) to effective ways of chasing stress away.
      When looking at my pics, I can see my saggy tits and also my cellulite – I have them and I show them because I don’t care.
      Sometimes I find myself saying ‘poor me’ but then I stop and realize: what the heck? Stand up, Doris, and fight the day!
      The only thing that we’ve got is the Present.
      Gianna, carpe diem!

      ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. The problem for me I’m a little bit shy to make sport, I’m little embrarassed to jogging outside and my man respect me about that. He run and make some sport as tennis, but he never force me to make sport to be in shape for him. I love that. In the same time I would love to be better for him too.

  3. could be good! And we have an old treadmill to use. Hubby proposed me to do it naked!! He seems love to watch my breasts bounce and slaps everywhere! Ouch!!

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