Elvis Duet with Helene Fischer

New music post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

Elvis Duet with a Wonderful Modern German Singer, Helene Fischer

Elvis did not like singing duets. They took away from his voice, obviously.

Purists hate these new ones where studio producers interlace his voice with a modern singer. Truly, there are some cheesy ones out there. This one stands up to inspection, at least without the video. With the video (and there is one live of this song with HF) the words don’t match El’s voice. It ruins the song.

I think these are good when they are well done, because it gives us a chance to hear Elvis’ great voice vis-a-vis with a modern one, so we can better compare his greatness. It takes a helluva singer to sing with him. This is the only one I’ve seen worth listening to.

It also showcases Elvis’ voice in a different light. See what you think. Elvis singing “Just Pretend” solo I’ve placed below. You may recall we put it out last year, because he kills the song. It requires someone who can sing to do the song. I don’t know anyone who has tried to sing it.

“Just Pretend” Elvis Presley Duet with Helene Fischer (4:00)

Watch El conduct at the end of this one. It was something he loved doing, and would have made a great classical conductor.

“Just Pretend” Elvis (4:00) Singing Live & Solo

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