Sensual Snapshots

This entire week, I spent the days in my garden, pruning and cleaning and planting new flowers. When my Fotomann comes to peek from behind, then I usually get naked. Posing is quite a distinct sport from gardening. Nevertheless giving me a similar amount of joy.

Yesterday, my Southern Charms Update 392 failed to get published because of a technicality. They promised to have it up on Monday – yes, right after the weekend.

Until Monday, enjoy springtime here on CougarBunnies.

Today, I found this little message waiting for me in the box.


I love your new picture sets on – you give so many!!!
Thank you, I love them all.
I wanted though to tell you about my impressions of your videos… Of course, they drive me wild! But some take me to another place!!!!!! The two I love are: “2Hearts Romantic,” and “I Ignore You.”

In the “2Hearts Romantic” video nothing is left out for the viewer – raw yummy YUM. LOL when you lift up your legs in the end is beyond good for me. Such amazing beauty and, ohhh, I love your ass hole (I may have told you that before).

Hey! Pussies and asses are everywhere but you show yours with the sweetest laughing eyes and smiling lips. Then in the end you did something that is hard to get from you … Your voice… That did me in! Very sultry. Thank you…

Then the other video – “I ignore you” – is my favorite one because you take teasing to another level. Even your walk… where you can nearly see your ass as you move. Merci, Doris, merci. I watch it every time I’m on your site!

I also love the one where you lounge and read a book – “Reading on the Sofa.”

I hope I do not go too far in telling you my secret thoughts. Thank you again for a great site that you and Don do!


Thank you very much, T. – you are adorable, I love reading and sharing your messages. Let me share a few more snapshots from the newest video – “Wild, Red, Fast” – about another fetish:   #CrossedLegs -Remember ‘Basic Instinct?’ Same theme, less sophistication. Eating an apple. Enjoying the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Sensual Snapshots

  1. You naughty tease….just kidding love you in just nylons and heels….Beautiful sweet sexy fun woman
    Sweet hugs for my favorite spring flower

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