John Fogerty

New music post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

The Voice and Lyrics of the Champion Vibratoist, John Fogerty

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, John Fogerty nevertheless fell in love with Mississippi Delta Blues. Using that as the kernel of his sound, with passion and vibrato he sang Delta Blues in Rock & Roll form. His songs were unique—and they fit the times.

Fogerty’s songs have been covered more than any other artists’ of the era. That shows what type of writer he was, not to mention having a wicked voice. These first two songs in particular display Fogerty’s ability to manipulate his voice.

After Woodstock and the Atlanta Pop Festival in 1969, the English music magazine, “Melody Maker,” declared CCR “the best band in the world.” I suppose that’s a subjective opinion, but they were indeed a helluva group—and for a British magazine to state they were the best band in the world makes for a pretty powerful argument for CCR, to say the least!

CCR was indeed one of my favorites, and in a lot of ways, my number one favorite.

These two songs show John as the champion vibratoists of the era, and I’ve placed the lyrics in so everyone can see what a fine, yet simply, lyricist he was. He is the male Janis Joplin.

All Fogerty’s song’s showcase his vibrato, but I believe this one better than most. John is also the harmonic player.

“Run Through the Jungle” by CCR, vocals & lyrics by John Fogerty, 1970 (3:00)

“Fortunate Son” by CCR, Vocals by John Fogerty, 1969 (2:20)

This is JF with a group of star musicians in the mid-`80s long after CCR broke up. It is one of the few songs in which he has used that delicious vibrato of his since the breakup.

“Old Man Down the Road” John Fogerty, 1985 (5:00) Live & Raw Fogerty

By Fantasy Records - eBay itemphoto frontphoto back, Public Domain,

By Fantasy Records – eBay itemphoto frontphoto back, Public Domain,

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