Consequential Edens?

Dialogs with Ruddy Adam – about people of this and other earths.

Excellent study, Don. Very good points.

However, let me go over the meaning of aretz/erets with you.

Aretz truly has numerous meanings according to the context: the whole earth; the surrounding land; the ground; the land as far as the eye can see; a specific place where certain people live; the civilized world system, etc. It is used as well as I recall about 725 times in the Hebrew, with many, many meanings, all of which I would not dare thinking of going over.

It is well for us all to remember that the Biblical languages (specifically their words) must be very dynamic, because there are only 8500 words in Hebrew and 5500 in Greek. Word such as the Helada words kosmos and oikoumen and the Hebrew aretz must have multiple meanings due to the fact that they are used to convey many different objects, situations, things, places, and systems to us.

In Isaiah 62.4, for example, aretz is personified where the Ever-Living says, “and your land (aretz) shall be married to you,” speaking of the time after which the Lord has brought His people back to the land that belongs to us, “the land” where He says, “the living live,” because in His eyes only His people are alive. Everyone else is dead in His eyes, no matter that they may be breathing and eating and speaking in the flesh.

This is why the word for the proper name translated Eve (Khawah), means “living” or “life.” Eve is indeed the “mother of all those who live,” that is, the Adamic race.

Aretz is clearly restricted to an exact area in Psalms 27.13, where David says this: “I stand confident regarding the following: I shall see the Ever-Living’s favor in the land of the living.”

Now, I have left this genitive untranslated in the above verse so you can know that there is a relationship between “the land” and “the living.” But to fully translate that phrase, it should be something like this: “I shall see the Ever-Living’s favor in the land where the living are.” Or, “where those who live are.”

And where will that be? Obviously, from the final verse in Psa. 27.13, it is here on earth after the Lord’s Parousia, because David enjoins us to wait patiently on the Lord in that verse, verse 14: “Wait patiently for the Ever-Living! Be strong! Strengthen your heart! Let me say it again: Wait patiently for the Ever-Living!”

Aretz is used similarly in the following vv.: Deuteronomy 4.33; Yob 28.13; Psalm 142.5; Isaiah 38.11.

It is used in Ruth 2.10 for the ground, the surface of the earth: “Ruth bowed her face to the ground (aretz).”

Aretz can be used in conjunction with shmayim (heavens, the Upper-Levels, skies, etc.) to mean our solar system as it stood when the particular Scripture was spoken, written, or occurred; and thus, with the particle and the article as it is used in verse one it clearly distinguishes the phrase from the use of the two words in the following verses, where the attention is drawn to each one, the earth and the skies, independently. Our solar system was thus created, but we have no mention of the time. Or, as far as that goes, we have no mention of the rest of the universe, that is, everything outside of the earth’s solar system (or, at least everything past as far as the human eye can see).

So then, the Creator created the earth and the skies as they then stood, that is, at whatever period it was that Moses is speaking of. It is definitely not specified. It had to be at least 12,000 years ago, and could have been millions; we simply do not know; and the current methods of dating the solar system are flawed.

In verse two, we see that “the earth came to be desolate and empty.” No mention here of the skies. No Hebrew particle to go with the article for both words. The point here is to show that by using certain Hebrew words and certain constructions (syntaxes) the word aretz, as well as other Biblical words can easily take on different meanings.

The same is true of the Greek Scriptures.

I John 2.18:

18.Young ones, it is the last period.
And just as you learned that the AntiKhrist is coming—
and already numerous Khrist-antagonists have appeared—
you thus understand that it is the last period.

Yohn informs us by two different means that the word “Antikhrist” in above verse, though it is the exact same word in both lines, that it has two different meanings. One way: The word is singular and with the article in one clause, and in the second the word is plural and without the article in the next clause. The second method is that Yohn has used contrasting parallelism, thereby showing a definite difference in the mean of the two central words in the verse.

I Yohn 2.18:
Contrasting Parallelism
18. A. Young ones, it is the last period.
B. And just as you learned that *the Antikhrist is coming—
B2. And already *numerous Khrist-antagonists have appeared—
A2. you thus understand that it is the last period.

Note first Yohn’s use of the definite article (translated by the English the) to differentiate between a noun spelled the same in the Greek, but which takes on different meanings in the same verse because of the presence versus the absence of the definite article. As a rule, the article specifies (as in, the man), and the absence of the article generalizes (as in, man, or in English where we have a definite and indefinite article, the and a, respectively, it would be, a man to generalize).

B. *the Antikhrist: singular with the article, equals one specific being.
B2. *numerous Khrist-antagonists: plural without the article, equals several in a group quite unlike the one specific being in line B.

The verb used in line B., “is coming,” informs us that the arrival is future, but the one used in line B2., “have appeared,” informs us that these Khrist-antagonists had showed up in the past and are still there when Yohn is writing.

Therefore, lines B. & B2. form contrasting lines, so that we will know that the subject (in Greek, antikhristos) has different meanings.


Now, as far as whether Noah’s flood was worldwide or not, you often cannot take the word “all,” “entire,” or “whole,” in an absolute sense. Notice, for example, that Revelation 12.9 informs us that when Satan is cast from the Upper-Levels “he deceives the entire civilized-world.” But a few verses below that he is chasing after God’s chosen/elect/separated-ones who have not been deceived.

Revelation 12.9 Satan Cast from His Place in the Upper-Levels

9. And the mighty Snake was thrown out of the Upper-Level—that old Serpent, called the Devil and Satan—the one who deceives the entire civilized-world (Gk. oikoumene) was thrown to the earth, and his fallen-angels were thrown out along with him.

Revelation 12.17 Satan Chases after Those Who Were Not Deceived and Were Holding to The Teaching That He is Not the True Khrist

17. And the mighty Snake became enraged with the Woman and went off to wage war with the others in Her Seed-Line, those guarding and attending to the Ever-Living’s commands and clinging to the Testimony concerning Jesus.

Other examples of not taking such statements as absolutes and/or universals, both Babylon and the Edomites were supposedly wiped from the face of the earth forever, never to stand again as far as Babylon, and never to be heard of again in respect to Esau’s offspring (the Edomites); yet, Babylon did stand again, because the Scriptures were speaking of that particular Babylon that was destroyed in that context. And we know that king Herod was part Edomite, and that is because only the Edomites in that location were never to be heard of again—not every one of them in the entire world, or everyone that had existed on the planet.

The same goes for Kain’s offspring, who would have, according to kultic teachings, been killed by Noah’s flood. However, they definitely show up again on numerous occasions either already in among the Yasrealites, or trying to get in among them.

There are many reasons that Noah’s flood is not speaking of the entire planet. It would have taken a ga-zillion years to have accumulated all the animals on the planet. And, although the ship Noah built was perhaps as long as 600-feet or at least 450-feet (however a cubic is measured; the cubic in Mitzer is longer than others, for example), it could not have held such a force; and numerous animals could never have been fed with a handful of souls on board. There are scholars of the past who have worked out the ways that the food could have been stored, that the dung could have been disposed of, that there were ventilation devices, and other things, but not for millions of animals. Only for those in the area, let us say, from where Noah was centered, as far as the eye could see.

There are other linguistic reasons that I will not address at this point; but there is also a study by two geologists that prove only a flood that covered part of Europe possibly to the Afghan mountains is shown to have occurred during Noah’s time.

Studies by geologists in the 1990s provide plenty of geological evidence for a monster flood about the time Noah lived—yet it was by no means a worldwide flood.

We find that “Noah’s Flood” was dealing with part of Europe as well as the area of the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov (located in what today would be Southern Russia, i.e., north of the Black Sea), and the Tarim Basin (located in what today would be North Western China) and not the whole world as traditionally taught. Geologists have further proven this by dating and measuring the movement of certain types of dirt brought about by a huge flood about the time Noah lived (between 5000-6000-years ago).

Some push the flood west of the Black Sea as far as the European Alps and east of it as far as the Afghan Mountains.

However wide it was, there is no other evidence for a worldwide flood anytime close to the period in which Noah lived.

I have always taught that the Hebrew in Genesis (when kept in context) will not allow a world-wide Noahic flood. That is from the text itself, not from history, or geology.

Again, D., really good work. Perhaps you’ll smoke this over and fine tune your study a tad.

Always, Ruddy


Hey Ruddy,

Yes, I’ll write a revision post with your input about the great flood. Funny question: did the kangaroos make it to Noah’s ark? This little detail proves all your liguistic analysis, among others.

Now a bit of rambling about interpretations and understandings of ‘aretz’ according to context and also according to the background of the interpretor.

The Ever-Living acts in absolutes, His deeds are perfect and unique, irreversible and irrevocable, totally non-relativistic.

The way we see, hear, understand, interpret His actions are relative and imperfect according to each individual’s background, lectures, teachings, efforts in learning and talents. At no time anyone’s interpretation can equal an act of God. We live under the asymptote – ever closer to the line yet still ever on the curve. It is a consequence of our fallen nature.

You say that by Eve [Khawah] and through her, we landed in this flesh-and-blood life from a prior life – a superior level of existence. This statement is correct, as delivered to Moses and transmitted by him to whomever it may concern. We can say that we know this.

Yet, can we say that any person from the prior age came [is about to come] by this Eve on this planet and nowhere else? We cannot prove what we do not know. We cannot ditch the unknown based on what we know. It is again about the senses and interpretations of ‘whole, all’ similar to ‘earth, land’ as you developed it to the term ‘life, living’ [Eve] and I’m sure that you didn’t exhaust the meanings yet.

Bear with me, presuming that The Ever-Living planted more Adams on different planets – the Adams being identical to the Adam on earth. Most likely the Eves being identical as well. We do not know about this, if this happened or not, because we needed not to, or Moses needed not to, according to us being taught on a need-to-know basis.

What we clearly know – without any doubt – is that the Son of Man, Yasu of Nazareth, has been born by the Virgin once, in one place, in a unique act, to live a one-time life, to perform the redemption of His lost-to-lower-life people on the Cross. As acts of God, Yasu’s actions can be only perfect and unique.

Adam, as a precursor of Khrist, was no God, therefore one may consider that his acts, and his presence, were not subject to perfection and uniqueness. Actually, Adam fell for a threesome – whence Eve unknowingly trapped Lucifer in lock to this planet.

We do not know, because we have no information, the Scriptures not treating this [to my knowledge, please correct me with info that I am missing] about other Adams and their Eves who were seeded on different other planets – as traps to catch Lucifer, with ‘earth’ [this earth] being the ‘lucky’ match.

Good to mention, this topic is by no means central to our existence, as non Scriptural it is marginal. We may ignore it altogether and mind our business. But since we like the narrative, we may give it a thought or two.

The Scriptures, however, are relatively densely populated with persons not from this earth, as not born out of Eve’s offspring or out of other human trees – non-Adamic of this earth. The question: who are these extraterrestrial beings?, supports several answers – each with a certain degree of uncertainty.

One is the race of angels, super-beings executing missions given to them by God. These we can compare to terminators, as in highly complex machines [beings] with no free-will, following a program, executing orders. Period.

And there are multiple levels of angels, cohorts of good angels organized on separate levels; then more or less organized groups of fallen angels, or various denominations of demons. To which extent is each person of these good or bad angels connected to a flesh-and-blood body, in the three dimensions of our common perception, this is yet another matter of long and maybe futile debate.

Speculating [that we can do] about mammal extraterrestrials, or about reptilian ones, or [insert_genre_here] species that we do not know of, one may conclude that even the higher ranked angels, such as Raphael [see the Book of Tobit] could pretend to eat along with humans.

19 When you thought you saw me eating, I did not really eat anything; it only seemed so. 20 While you are on this earth, you must praise the Lord God and give him thanks. Now I must go back to him who sent me. Write down everything that has happened to you.

The angel confesses his cloaked appearance in mimicking human habits, such as eating. Are there any other places in the Scriptures where non-earthly beings were eating, or doing flesh-like actions? Other than the giants [sons of God] who fucked, producing the Nephilim? Oh yes, fucking, that is way more common through the Bible than eating, and it is explicitly presented as between otherworldly beings [starting with Lucifer] and earthling women – Eve in the Bible, but there are tons and tons of writings by the ancient Greeks, and Mesopotamians, Indians, Chinese, etc. about extraterrestrials procreating dynasties on earth.

These other credible examples do not diminish the Scriptures one bit. On the contrary, they enforce as added evidence of a wide spread phenomenon. Mammals fuck with the main purpose to give birth to living babies. It is biology, it is flesh and blood. And it is not exclusive to this earth.

What is exclusive to this earth then? What makes this planet stand out? What makes it unique? Because it is.

Yasu Khrist, Son of Adam, Son of God, Himself God, Pantokrator, born by a virgin in the Bethlehem of Judah, Planet Earth. All sane [and insane] minds in the universe know this. The effect of His birth is not limited to this planet alone. His birth is the indicator that any Adamic person [regardless of her whereabouts] is receiving an answer – The Answer – to all the existential questions.

What about non-Adamic persons? Do they have a connection with Yasu? If yes, then there has to be some Adamic DNA code left, forgotten, in their genes. If no, then there is no life in them – as you said. Adams and Eves didn’t make life, but they have been given Life – the proof is palpable within Yasu Khrist – Who is Life. No life outside of Him.

Now let me put this as a story – because I don’t know how to package it.

There is an Aretz, a Land, probably like the Holy Land. And there is nothing around this Aretz. Philosophically the verb ‘is’ cannot be correct here. We cannot say ‘is nothing’ because ‘nothing is not’ — the negation does not exist. So we are talking about a realm where the word ‘no’ is unheard of. Not even a notion.

This is the Realm of The Ever-Living. A well defined, properly crafted landscape resembling the Aretz of Yasreal. Good. This Aretz is populated with Adamics [angels are Adamic-looking] and with beings and devices [also beings at that ultimate level of consciousness] and there, among many gardens and yards and homes, lives Yasu in His garden. Nothing majestic, nothing triumphant, nothing epic. Because we may dare to speculate that He enjoys living a simple, modest, happy life.

Time up there – or out there – is measured by Yasu’s heartbeat. A heartbeat equals one second (see 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second, according to Heinrich Rudolf Hertz – almost a coincidence: herz = heart). Because the second is the measurement unit of absolute time, as in eternity. I think that the Scriptures state clearly that what we call a ‘year’ down here will be gone with the sun, the moon and the cessation of the heavens, and heavenly bodies, as we observe them now.

The only ‘thing’ that we can refer to is our Khrist, and this includes the measuring of time: one second = one of His heartbeats. Makes more sense than we might understand.

He has a cube in His garden, a cube of stone. Perhaps the original, the prototype, after which He instructed Moses and Aaron to construct the altar. This cube could be His toy, His playground, His creation-pod.

Inside this cube of stone, we go on speculating, may appear the Golden Cube seen and measured by Yohn, as the New Jerusalem. Further downwards inside this Golden Cube, sliding into countless distortions, happens the observable universe that we record with telescopes, the clusters, the galaxies, the pulsars, the quassars, the stars, the planets and even the [non-existing] black holes – which represent the telltale of fallen nature: the fallen universe, the illusion of a timeline, the apparent death for Adamics and the illusion of life for non-Adamics.

Here is the abyss and the infinite – abyss goes up as it goes down, fire and ice burn likewise, the infinite is the measure of nothingness, it never was, it is nowhere because it cannot be. The tail of the dragon, which is Lucifer [notice ‘which’ and not ‘who’], punched holes in nature as the mind of the deceiver severed the connectivity of the civilized world with the Maker. All nonsense past and future being fixed once and for all by Khrist Yasu on the Cross.

If we try to look at things from this perspective – His – then we acquire a sovereign vantage point.
Why worry?
Why wonder?

Someone said that worrying is a sin. Anyway, since we know [as in science] that sin has been washed out, worrying is definitely an error of the mind, trapped in the conditional, in the transient, even if knowing [as in science] that one is part of the absolute and eternal.

Why wonder? Because we have a curious nature, like our Lord has. Because He is curious to surprise Himself, to create and make His creations amaze Him [it is harder than it seems], so are we: eager to learn, eager to know something ‘new’ and even if there is no ‘new’ maybe we can ‘invent’ it, somehow – we don’t know how but there might be a way.

This weakness of ours has been abused by Lucifer into temptation. Speculating, I guess that this non-being belongs to where it has been created: inside the universe contained inside the Golden Cube, and therefore cannot escape out of it, out and above to Aretz. It will just die along with the many infinites it has insinuated. It is already dead, like death has been dealt with, like it never was. In regard to the Ever.

What I like about the above speculations is the sublime comfort they offer, it is the representation of encapsulated realities, nested dimensions, like the nested Matryoshka Russian dolls, it is the realization that The Ever-Living can lead armies of angels down across the abysses of the noted physics, at the same time, He can be sitting as Pantokrator on the top facet of the Golden Cube, watching through the sea of glass under His feet at the epic of our tempted condition, at the same time walking peacefully in His garden, around the stone cube [altar] that He built to hold more than our minds can see, and at the same time bringing us – one by one, yet at the same time – to step along, near Him in this garden, to show us the Aretz and invite us to build next, if we so wish, for new realities, or to sing and praise, if we so wish, or to express our curiosity as we desire, projecting our nano-gods personalities across a reality where the second is a heartbeat of His and all things are well defined, clear and clean.

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