Ruddy Adam answering a question regarding Luke 16.16

Enormous work! Thanks! This is another one that relates to the same subject. Could you help me understand the “everyone is forcing their way into it” clause? Val, Germany

Answer regarding Luke 16.16

Ruddy: Here is my translation.

Luke 16.16

“The law and the prophets were in force until Yohn. Since then the Rulership/Kingdom from the Ever-Living has been proclaimed, and everyone is encouraged to enter It. (At this time, only true Isrealites were allowed to enter into a union with Khrist. The rest of the Adamics [born from Yapath and Ham] could enter into a union with Khrist only after His death and Resurrection.)

Comment: The difference here is taking the verb I’ve translated “is encouraged,” as a present passive, instead of a present active, as your translation does: “The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, [the good news of] the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing their way into it.” (Note, I have bracketed words added for some odd reason by your translators.” R)

The equivalent Hebrew verb is used here in Genesis 33.11, in the last sentence. “Please take my gift that was brought to you, for the Ever-Living has been generous to me and I have all I need.” When Yakob encouraged him, he took it.

No one can force their way into a union with Khrist. There is protocol. No one comes in by his own will. The Lord calls us, and we answer by believing in Him. (No audible words needed!) We then are in a spiritual union with Khrist under a reciprocal Contract: We trust in what He promises us through His Message, and in turn He keeps His side of the Contract by giving our souls eternal life in paradise (which is the only word we have to describe our future world with the Lord)—plus other pleasures and gifts He has promised.

The Three Marys at the Tomb – Hubert van Eyck or Jan van Eyck or both.

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