Raw Veggies? Or Cooked?

New health blog by Ruddy Adam.

Are Raw Vegetables Really Good for You?

Yes, I know what all the books in the health food stores tell us, but they are all selling something. One of the things that has helped humans the most, aside from a plentiful amount of good water, is that for the most part they have been properly cooking their food for the last 80-years or so.

As we learn in the Scriptures, cook all your foods to a moderate degree; and that is what all studies have shown for years. The exception is fruit, and even some fruits are better for humans cooked.

No type of meat should ever be eaten raw. Hot and pink in the middle is the rule of thumb to maintain the enzymes in the meat; and just so it’s hot in the middle that is enough to kill parasites and bacteria. White meats, such as fish and chicken, can be slightly more done.

This is very good info about why we should always cook vegetables.

Steam in the kitchen.

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