Lilac Retro Series

The April cold spell is about to depart, in a day or two. It arrived after my lilac has blossomed. To seize the day, I brought the lilac inside to decorate my morning photo sitting today. Twas almost noon, I guess. Never mind.

I wished for a glass of red wine to warm me up.

Sipping, I dreamed retro.

Sitting on the table top in the kitchen, I enjoyed the polka dots.

Staring out the window, I saw the other trees in blossom. In the sunshine.

Ah, the windows – don’t look at them!!

Retro Lilac – with purple polka dots, a new 5 episodes long series starting tomorrow evening on – 10:15PM CET

Love the lilac!

Bull Blood – that’s how they call the wine in my glass.

Ah, the perfume of the lilac hiding from the wine’s bouquet.

Yes. Do you like my new table cover? Don’t look at the dirty old windows!

Retro Lilac – with purple polka dots, a new 5 episodes long series starting tomorrow evening on – 10:15PM CET

14 thoughts on “Lilac Retro Series

  1. Pretty table cover……I am speaking of the beautiful lady atop so much sweeter than wine…..lilacs and Doris in th a sexy put fit beautiful signs of spring

  2. You are really lovely sexy in each outfit you wear. With your slender and well proportioned curves you can wear all you want, incredible!

    1. Yes, everyone needs to be complimented, especially us.
      I make no exception when enjoying to hear more compliments. πŸ˜›
      It definitely does good to share compliments. All the time.

      So many superlatives that I fear falling down the pride pit. 😳
      But I’ll humble myself publicly by confessing to you what I’ve done this very morning to my teddy bear 🐻
      Almost forgot the taste. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I take the submissive side of lovemaking.

      Kisses to you and thank you for the compliments!! Mwuahh!!
      Doris ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. ohh, well, i think it is necessary sometimes! It is always necessary for me! I love get on my knees submissvely and pleasure him for best satisfation! I need to know what public humiliation you will do!

    1. If we take public as in online, I’ve already done quite some submissive videos, be it on or or even on Clips4Sale – in my humble studio of little and less and less secret fetishes.
      I’m curious which one will you find more humiliating?

  4. Yes, it depends about feeling and personal tendencies. I’m sure I make things found humiliting for a lot of females, but I fell very normal. I usually serve my man on knees, it is very simple and natural for me, Not for a lot of girls. I love stay a little at his feet, And I love and appreciate when he punishes me, I love being naughty and sometime spanked. Therefore I easily understand girls dislike all of form of submission and consider me only a stupid slave. Yesss! I would love find your submissive videos, give me some examples, or links

    1. It is indeed great to allow yourself the choice of ‘no choice’ – because, when being a ‘slave,’ you experience an incredible liberty by giving up ‘choice.’
      Sounds paradoxical but it works in those moments.
      Best done with hubby for the little but essential reason that you trust each other. πŸ™‚
      Sharing with you a few links to some of my humble videos.
      I’m sure that you can use the filter button at the top (to the right) of the page to look for other tags.

      1. Hey, hey hey!! I love those ideas! I have to thank you very much exposing easily your things and sexual activity I find you very confident with videocamera, I could be a lot of shy and blocked stupidly with videocamera doing particular things!
        I loved the dirty feet cleaning too. And I’m little bit comforted not be the only one wife showing dirty feet. My man dislike shoes so i usually serve him barefeet and in the same time it is more easy working barefeet in cleaning duties, but I feel better in gardening too, so my man is very lucky and he is not overspend in socks and pantyhose becasue his slave work barefeet! So i usually show a black sole in spite of I pass days to clean hard. I’m feel free to stay barefeet, not problem with it. I noted sometimes disgusted face when some guest arrive without advance but I have not problem to offering and serving drinks in the garden, without shoes, obviously!

        1. You are very welcome, Gianna!
          I used to be shy in front of the camera, until I wasn’t.
          Walking barefoot on the ground is healthy, especially in the months of the year that have no ‘R’ in their name, such as May, June, July and August. This not to get cold, I suppose. πŸ™‚
          Wish you a lovely weekend,
          Doris πŸ™‚

    1. You’re welcome!!
      Today, because kids went back to their schools after the extended weekend, I enjoyed posing a bit with my flowers, in the garden.

  5. Very very good! Look now that pics and I think you are very able in simple fashion with colors and outfits. I really loved that red shirt because give value neckline and combined very well with your red lipstick! My man made red my bottom instead! he argues i’m spending too much time on the net, so he took over his knees and give me a very good spanking on my naked bum. My butt cheeks were on fire sunday, but I really appreciate my punishment! ouch! But love!

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