Beyond String Theory

Ruddy Adam gets us far beyond strings in this highly controversial and fundamentally consistent blog post of his. Attention: for adults only! 33+

Mari’s String Break and Sundry Other Points Regarding Music, Reasoning, and in the Power that Faith in Yasu Has for Our Souls and Spirits

Allow me a little meandering today, to answer a few new questions and continue answering a few others.

For those writing in and others who could not see the broken string on Mari’s bow:

Mari’s string broke at about 1:18 during Presto, which is what brought about her smile. If you will look to the right of her violin just after she smiles, you will see the “flying string.”

Note: I am normally as technical and traditional as anyone about using the term “playing” a violin versus “strumming” one. In the case of Mari Samuelsen and David Garrett, however, they do both. For any violinist who does Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” as well as Mari, those maestros I normally call “strummers,” though when they “play” perhaps a Brahms Adagio for violins (in part) or Mozart’s “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” they are “playing” the violin. But they can do either.

I would never, though, say that they fiddle the fiddle, because that is for “Folk Music” and “Bluegrass Music,” because they themselves call the violin a “fiddle.”

Now, please do not misunderstand me, because this is no putdown, though violinists may accept it as such were you to call their precious violin a “fiddle.” Folk and Bluegrass musicians, however, would normally not.

“Bluegrass” in particular can be difficult to play, but it is also the most left-brained music one can imagine. We have two very fine gentlemen who play that type of music every week, and you may guess what they do for a living: They are construction engineers. Ahem!

Over the long years, they both have worked harder than you can imagine to use their widdle biddy wight-brains just a widdy bit. God love `em. One once asked me this, and as I am pleased to do, often in jest remind him of such: “Are you sure the Lord created the non-linear as He did the linear? Could that not have been the Devil’s doing?” “Yes indeed,” I answered, “He certainly did because two-tiered Hebrew reasoning is just that: non-linear.” There is some three-tiered, linear reasoning in Hebrew, too, but not nearly as much as two-tiered.

We would all do well to remember that Adamics followed the Greek three-tiered form of reasoning: A major and minor premise with a conclusion. Remember too that part of the Dispersion of the 12 Tribes landed in what is now Greece and also Spain, and in fact, all over Europe.

Paul used them both. Yohn mostly used the Hebrew form, and this is obviously why so many have a difficult time understanding his Letters, though they are written (for the most part) in simple and compound sentences that anyone ought to be able to understand—and surely can understand Them as each one stands independently. But when we get to the last two chapters of 1 Yohn, all that changes, for Yohn took for granted that his readers understood the Old Contract.

This—take for granted that his audience understood the Old Contract—Paul did not do. For as he did in Hebrews chapters 8-11, he climbed the highest mountains to explain the Old Contract and how it has been voided, cancelled, crossed out, made null, obsolete, and worthless by the Lord’s death and Resurrection; and how the New Contract requires not one thing that the Old Contract required, especially that of having to go to a priest with offerings for confession and then only the priest could go to the Lord on your behalf. Which is about equivalent to the Catholic Cult’s demands today. Those robed creatures either missed these Scriptures and leave their congregations in slavery to the Old dead Contract, or distorted the Message on purpose to enchain them. I favor the latter, myself, having studied these scoundrels for ages.

Don’t forget what heartless, unforgiving murderers these Popes have been. For they refused to aid the Khristians at Konstantinople in their fight to the death with the mad Muslimics in 1204 and finally in 1453, those Adamic souls having bolted from Mary-worship by becoming what we now know as Orthodox, of which there are three central groups today: Russian, Greek, and a few other European forms which are very similar.

The Popes claimed their demise was their punishment for breaking free of their robes and rituals (though I am sad to say that they held onto many of them and have brought more into their religion over the ensuing centuries); and yet over and over the Popes have made deals to save their own power in Rome by contracting with the mad Muslimics, allowing them to rob, kidnap, and steal along the Mediterranean Coast just so they left Rome alone.

Then there is the fact that the Popes kept the Scriptures hidden away from the people for about 1000-years from just after 500-AD to just after 1500-AD (the Dark Ages), the penalty for possessing them being death, which they meted out freely and frequently. Any disagreement with the Popes brought the death penalty.

Had Martin Luther not been wise enough before his rebellion to go to the European Aristocracy for protection, he would surely have received that same penalty—and his name is cursed to this day among the leaders of that the largest, most ingracious Cult on the planet, not including the mad Muslimics, for I am speaking of Cults that claim to be Khristian, yet have little or nothing to do with the Scriptures and have, as the Scriptures warned us, distorted the Lord’s simple Message that it is Faith Alone that gets us to the Upper-Levels with our souls (in the Ever-Living’s eyes and also our own) as pristine and perfect as Yasu’s, because your trust in Him and His actions have you in union with Him—and that alone purifies/cleanses you of all wrongdoing.

Then in chapter 11 of Hebrews Paul went to even greater pains to explain what Faith in Khrist is, and has been down through the ages, and how it has somewhat changed. But as is Paul’s standard Message: Faith in Yasu grants to the souls and spirits of understanding Believers the most powerful of all things: Mental Peace—the absolute Freedom from worrying that we are not perfect in our physical actions, and we never shall be in the physical sense—but what matters is that we are indeed perfect in the spiritual sense, that is, in the Ever-Living’s eyes, for He looks at our souls, not our flesh. And folks that is what counts, what means something. Whether we are considered by this world-system as good, little boys or girls who gave to the poor, who serviced orphans and widows, who supported a human Church by attending and giving and all such, whether we are the most perfect law-abiding citizens—none of that means as much as a gnat’s sneeze. What matters is how the One Who sits on the Throne in the Upper-Levels sees you!

As I wrote in the piece on Maria Callas: “Khrist entered the most Separated of Separated Places (the “Holy of Holies” where sin offerings are carried) once, and after that those who trust in Him are forgiven—from then on. No other sacrifice is needed or called for, because the Lord has given Himself as the Ultimate Sacrifice for all time. In the Ever-Living’s eyes, we who are in union with Yasu died with Khrist on that Cross, and our sins died along with that death. He therefore no longer remembers them (see especially Hebrews 10.17; and too Hebrews 8.12; Isaiah 43.25; Yaremiah 31.34; Romans 6.2).

Btw, another Elvis phenomenon: The main member of the aptly named “Million Dollar Quartet,” Carl Perkins, had seen Elvis in action on stage before the other two members, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis had. He had also listened to him record at Sun Records. Now, we all do well to understand that Perkins was a phenomenon before Elvis, because that adds to the fact that Elvis fully mesmerized him, both by his singing and his stage entertaining.

Perkins said he stepped into an auditorium and stood in the back after the show had begun, in which Elvis was the main event. Elvis he said switched guitars three times during the show, because he broke three strings. “Hell,” Perkins said, “I hardly break one string in three months.”

The point being, Elvis had passion as Perkins had never seen before. The audience was going wild, and Elvis responded with more passion.

You can bet that Mari breaks a lot of strings!


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