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Two Songs by CCR and Two by Tori Amos

The first video is not the original group, but it’s the best sound I could find; and I must admit John sounds somewhat like his old-self here—passionate and bluesy but not nearly as raspy. I wanted everyone to hear the instruments, and this was the best one for that.

I personally don’t think CCR had even one mediocre song, much less a bad one; but several of the Old Heads (some now gone; some not) think this is John’s masterpiece. I wouldn’t want to pick it myself, and I would not debate them on that choice.

This song shows how important the electric guitars are to Fogerty’s songs.

“Green River,” by CCR, 2007 (3:40) Live & Raw!

For those of you who are not familiar with JF’s wonderful, raspy, blusey, passionate voice, here it is in its heyday.

“Green River,” by CCR, 1970 (2:40) Live & Raw!

Ah ha, there is that raspy angel living in John Fogerty’s soul. This is what we heard 50-years ago.

“Born on the Bayou,” CCR in Royal Albert Hall, 1970 (4:40) Live & Raw!

This one is a studio version of a Tori Amos song. She is a virtual marvel to watch live, but I wanted everyone to hear her piano and her voice as clear as possible.

Here you get that masterful piano, lyrics, the voice—well, just everything Tori, plus a dandy little ending.

How the masters of music begin and finish music is interestingly unique and often magical; musical endings in particular are tough in everything but classical.

“Happy Phantom,” Tori Amos (3:20) Studio Version

I wanted everyone to see this video, because it’s the way I saw Tori the first few times: Tori and her piano. She was dressed up more than in this video. But this one shows, like Elvis, Janis, and Van Morrison, Tori will lay herself out as far on a limb as anyone dares. Just give her a piano, and she’ll give you a song, if she’s in a phone booth.

“Horses,” by Tori Amos, 1996 Live & Really Raw!


By Tim Notari - originally posted to Flickr as Devil Amos in the Red Dress, CC BY-SA 2.0,

By Tim Notari – originally posted to Flickr as Devil Amos in the Red Dress, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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