One Great Harmonica Player

New music blog by Ruddy Adam.

Five Songs from One Great Harmonica Player: TC Carr

TC Carr is the best harmonica player I’ve ever heard. He carries twelve different kinds and switches them throughout his music sessions. We’ve seen him about 15-times at clubs in and around St. Petersburg.

He also has a voice made for the Blues. As you will see, he puts on quite a show. Enjoy!

Notice that TC can play with the best of them, and the best musicians from a variety of genres gather around the St. Pete Blues Clubs to play with him, ala Dave Brubeck.

“Born In Chicago” Harmonica Maestro, TC Carr (6:25) Live & Raw!

“Deep Down in Florida” TC Carr & Bolts of Blue (9:30) Live & Raw at the “Hideaway Blues Club” in St. Petersburg, FL

“I’m a Happy Man” TC Carr & Bolts of Blue Live & Raw at the “Hideaway” (5:20)

“Oh Shake It, Baby” TC & Blues Singer Betty Fox Live & Raw at the Tiki Club on Sunset Beach (4:55)

Notice TC’s harmonica belt just behind where he is singing.

TC Carr’s Rendition of a Sonny Boy Williamson song, “One Way Out,” popularized by the “Allman Brothers.

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