Gary Moore

New music blog by Ruddy Adam. 

Comment & Question from H.&D. And per their request a piece by Gary Moore, in honor of the electric guitar.

“Oh Ruddy! We’re still digesting the first two parts to “Believers Can No Longer Sin.” They are perfect! Another part? Can’t wait!

We wanted to mention a musical piece to you by an artist you introduced us to. We’ve listened to Gary Moore since you gave us one of his CDs in 1995, and long ago agreed there is no other guitarist like him. The song that does it for our musical friends you sent out a couple of years ago, “Separate Ways.” From his sexy voice to all the different styles of playing and genres he mixes into the guitar solo, this one song shows there’s not another guitarist close to his talent on the planet. Have you gotten a lot of responses on that song? Please send it out again when you feel like it, in case someone missed this masterpiece. Please put a few comments along with it, noting some of the things he does in the song. Love you and the rest, H.&D., SC”

Answer: This I received early last week. Just feeling like getting to it.

Yes. There is a part three, and I’ll get it out as soon as possible. We did get a ton of comments on “Separate Ways” and “The Messiah Shall Return.” Everyone appreciates the talent of GM, no doubt. I will send “Separate Ways” out again, however, because we have a lot of new folks who I’m sure have not heard it.

Well, as far as what GM does, the whole song is exquisite. Gary wrote and composed the piece. That’s something a lot of people don’t know about him, that he wrote a lot of his own music and lyrics.

The four-minute introduction in this version is new, and it clearly puts Moore in a class by himself. You hear hints of classical, rock, calypso, Irish folk, gospel, and blues. Moore transits from one to the other without the slightest hitch. It’s truly remarkable.

The styles he uses run the whole course: power rock, speed strumming, soft and slow, speed fingering, one-handed cord twists, along with plenty of button vibrato. Gary likes to tease his listeners with a slight bit of vibrato.

The tone is perfect, not a note missed while speed playing or soft strumming. In my view, Gary’s voice is an extra dip of ice cream on this piece.

It’s very difficult to keep an audience mesmerized for 12-minutes, but Gary certainly does it here.

“Separate Ways,” by Gary Moore, 1992 (12:00) Live & Raw!

This is the Four Minute Video Version. He sings more in this version, but it does not compare to the one above.

Copyright, Harry Potts – Manchester Apollo – 1985 –

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