Angus Young

New music post by Ruddy Adam.

In Honor of the Electric Guitar: AC/DC Plays “Thunderstruck,” “Black in Black,” & “Dirty Deeds”

Without the electric guitar, this group and their songs would not have been possible. Of course, in the case of AC/DC the lead singer’s voice perfect fits the type of music they play. Be patient! You’ll hear some exceptional electric guitar playing.

The first piece has received 261-million views! And rightly so.

Don’t think the guitarist hopping across the stage in a school boy getup is a fool, because he made our top ten all-time great guitarists. He is responsible for writing and composing most of AC/DC’s songs, though a family member no longer able to be with the band for health reasons also gets credit. He is Angus Young.

“Thunderstruck” AC/DC (5:20) Live, Hard, Energetic, & Raw!

16-million views – “Black in Black”

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”

Angus Young, lead guitarist of the hard rock band “AC/DC” – No machine-readable author provided. Borsi112 assumed (based on copyright claims). –

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