Paths to Parousia

Hi Dears, Don here.

According to my guessing, many of us see Parousia related to Yohn’s experiences. There are for sure others, such as Daniel or Paul, that spoke about their own experiences. Comparing and matching them is perhaps the most wonderful exercise of the mind. Why? Because thus we allow our brains the blessings of making room for ‘Graduation Day’ – a real treat for any undergrad ever.

But how do we separate imagination from reality?, wishful thinking from fact?, desire from event?

First, allow me please to talk about my own imaginations, desires, wishful thinking and the paths that filtered the facts above them.

During my cultic years, I was driven by a religious mind. I chose to bind myself to a set of contracts, as they were proposed by highly organized religion. It was for certain a clear upgrade from my communist years, from my heavy metal years, from my punk years and even up from my new romantic years. It was the closest level to the real deal – to date.

I was afraid of Parousia, of the so-called end-of-the-world. The many scenarios of publicly accepted Apocalypse have a nerve in stressing the hell out of people. Correlated with the main mantra of any cult: mea culpa, mea maxima culpa; and you get yourself into a cold corner of fear and guilt. Yes, Khrist will come and will set things right, but what about me? , shall I make it throughout the tribulations? Good to mention that the theory of Rapture is not part of either Catholic or Orthodox discourse – so if the Protestants had their hack with an intermediate escape [allowing them to sit aside and watch the filthy others burn in hell for awhile], the classic churches were mainly pouring the flames of guilt upon their flocks. With voluptuous detachment.

I was scared. And curious about tinkering with the screws and wires under the hood. See what gives. Is this so or is it not? Will it come during my lifetime or centuries / millennia / later? Oh, maybe later and I’d be spared the tribulations. But who knows? What if it comes earlier? Should I do this or that to make myself a good boy, play the ball? That was the most difficult part: I hardly knew myself as the good boy who will play the ball. Sigh.

Context and circumstances have gradually answered my desperate questions. Ruddy showed me that the Seals from Yohn’s Revelations were not given in chronological order, that Yohn wasn’t taken on a Sunday [and even if so, it doesn’t matter] but that he was teleported [beyond what we’ve been told to call the fabric of space-time] to be present as a witness to Parousia – as it happens [simple present – no future and no past, just present].

Also Ruddy showed me, from many places in the Scriptures, that we speak too complex languages nowadays [suitable for our politics, religions and fears] which are opposed to simpler expressions in ancient Hebrew, or even ancient Greek. In other words, history has piled up too much unnecessary code atop the lines of source code and thus we’re looking at layers over layers of nonsense. This is why we have a hard time understanding simplicity, discovering humility, living eternity.

Yes, eternity is not a promise for some future, but a constant of the present. Eternity is what holds the illusion of ephemeral physics together – because you’ve got to have a hardware [a machine] in order to run your errors and viruses inside it, right?

Unveiling the altered perceptions, mainly by prayer and meditation, anyone can understand Yohn’s Revelations. Because he had them written of such a manner for anyone [even a person lacking formal education] to understand them. Probably formal education is an obstacle in seeing reality as it is. In the Present.

What I have processed with my crazy mind, after being liberated from prior bindings, is that you and me and anyone willing to, can live Parousia today – if we wish and know how to live this Graduation Day!

Paths to Parousia.

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