Greg Allman

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Greg Allman one of the genius Allman brothers gone at 69 from liver cancer.


In Honor of Greg, Who Has Been a Khristian for the Last 25-Years, and All the Southern Rockers, Most of Whom Follow Suit in Their Faith

No matter what else GA did over the years and he made some excellent music, he’ll be known down through the ages for “Whipping Post,” voted by many as the most sophisticated and complex song of the last century, because it has so many time changes and two guitars playing counterpoint all the way through it.

Check your concentration on this one. Close your eyes, put your mind dead on the music, and see whether you can concentrate on this one all the way through it.

Greg originally played guitar on this one, but here he is at the piano, and sadly, he looks sick. The piece starts off in 11/4, then the choruses are written in 11/8, but the verses are written in 12/8.

Greg heard the song in his head when he wrote it, and didn’t even know the times he was writing in. His late brother Duane, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, had to explain that to him. Greg did understand counterpoint when he wrote the two guitar parts, playing in different keys yet still having a melodic sound to them. Instrumental counterpoint is usually note for note, but sometimes bar for bar.

You might notice Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi’s husband, playing guitar in this version of the song.

One comment on the Intro and the bass that carries it reads like this: “If there’s a devil, the sound his approaching chariot would make is caught and pressed in the rumbling, earth-rending opening bass line of `Whipping Post,’ Greg Allman’s masterpiece. It seizes, for the first few moments of the song, the distillation of the diabolical.”

“Whipping Post,” by Greg Allman

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