Risqué Transparency

The best remedy to prefixes and indexes and prejudices is ignoring them by feeling young. Because you are young. The healthy state of everyone is being young.

What a nice excuse to poke a few sweet trends to fashion. Past the patriarchal middle ages, through midlife.

“Now I get it,” exclaims Yvonne, “this alien device helped you change the face of France!”

“It was… er… instrumental, so to say.”

Rebecca, I can’t read your mind. Would you be so kind telling me about this change. I wish to know.

“Since the Libertine Party has comfortably won the Presidential election in 2017, old school politics, balancing suspicion with confidence, fear with hope and faith with terror, have been replaced with the Zebra Culture…”
Excerpt from ‘Astarte, The Adventure’
Publication Date: June 9, 2015

How Brigitte Macron Is Redefining First Lady Dressing

More exciting for the style-watchers, though, is that Ms Macron is turning the tables on the Chic Bobo aesthetic (read: slim-cut navy tailoring, low-heeled shoes, shiny-but-not-obviously-coiffed hair) that has long classified the wardrobes of French women d’un certain âge in the political sphere in favour of a high-maintenance look that’s based on an “allure rock”, according to L’Express.


On a side note, part eco-friendly, part naturist, I wonder why the top brands are still into “risqué transparent PVC panels.” I can definitely understand my no-name transparent leotards made in the PR of C. Plastic bag with holes, in a way, yet risqué transparency nevertheless.

Risqué Transparency – from yesterday’s photo sitting.

3 thoughts on “Risqué Transparency

  1. Sweet tease…..Doris I love seeing your beautiful body naked in the garden the prettiest flower there but this pose is so exciting the little glimpse of you sweet body in sheer nylon is so sexy knowing the beautiful goddess beneath. You are such a sweet fun teasing lady
    Sending hugs and warm wishes my beautiful friend

  2. You can tease all with the hopes n joy to your naked body the enjoyment also is seeing the beauty n the joy that it’s bringing to you

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