A Rare Romance

Today, four years ago, it was one of my happiest home porn days, to date. Before learning about MakeLoveNotPorn, I used to tag what I do as Romantic Porn or even Platonic Porn.

There is a line, some would see it thick and some thin, between prostitution and romantic pursuit, between mainstream (studio) porn and married (home) porn.

A classic example, out of so many others, is presented in Charlie Chaplin’s 1967 film ‘A Countess from Hong Kong.’

The story is based loosely on the life of a woman Chaplin met in France, named Moussia Sodskaya, or “Skaya”[3] as he calls her in his 1922 book, My Trip Abroad. She was a Russian singer and dancer who “was a stateless person marooned in France without a passport”.[4] The idea, according to a press release written by Chaplin after the movie received a negative reception, “resulted from a visit I made to Shanghai in 1931 where I came across a number of titled aristocrats who had escaped the Russian Revolution. They were destitute and without a country, their status was of the lowest grade. The men ran rickshaws and the women worked in ten-cent dance halls. When the Second World War broke out many of the old aristocrats had died and the younger generation migrated to Hong Kong where their plight was even worse, for Hong Kong was overcrowded with refugees.”

Sweet days switch with bittersweet days, like most things in life. But June 19, 2013 has been, for me, like this: lovely home alone morning debuting with an early garden strip video; followed by two photo sittings (one among my flowers and one standing in a string); then a frugal breakfast, another outdoor video (full body erotic massage); and the succulent indoor sex marathon (out of its footage came out the ‘Orgasmik Doris’ and ‘More Romantik Porn’ series – today in Full new release on my Southern Charms videos site).

When you’ll watch me shouting my orgasms out loud, you’ll see that these are rather documentaries, not artistic movies. Or should I say reality videos? What matters, what excites me, what makes me happy and confident, is the warmth and the thrill, the authentic suspense.

2013 was the year when I decided to do hard-core home-porn in front of his cameras. Twas a good year! And today-four-years-ago a good day!!

Home porn – a rare romance.

Strings attached.


2 thoughts on “A Rare Romance

  1. Love the excitement and feeling you share with us, darling Doris!🔥🔥


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